Controlled Sample Clauses

Controlled. “Controlled” means subject to the power to exercise a controlling influence over the management or policies of a corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust or other entity.
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Controlled. GROUP shall mean the Company and any other entity whose employees would be required to be aggregated with the employees of the Company under Code §414(b), (c), (m) or (o).
Controlled. REMOTE – where XXXXXXXX shall execute the Service by remotely access to an Endpoint owned and housed in the Receiving Parties’ premise alongside an appointed staff from the Receiving Parties; OR
Controlled. Subsidiary: Any corporation 80% of whose voting stock (except for any qualifying shares) is owned directly or indirectly by the Borrower. Conversion/ Continuation Date: Any date on which under Section 2.5, the Borrower (a) converts Loans of one Type to another Type, or (b) continues as Loans of the same Type, but with a new Interest Period, Loans having Interest Periods expiring on such date. Credit: The aggregate amount of the Commitments of all Lenders to make Revolving Loans under the Revolving Credit Facility and Term Loans under the Term Loan Facility in an amount not to exceed Eight Hundred Million and no/100 Dollars ($800,000,000.00), as the same may be reduced under Section 2.10.
Controlled. Controlled" means, with respect to an item of information or intellectual property, that the Corporation owns, has a license to or otherwise has lawful access to, such information and intellectual property and has the ability to grant a license as provided in this Agreement without violating the terms of an agreement with a third party.
Controlled a. The primary power, direct or indirect, to manage a business enterprise rests with a minority person(s).
Controlled any person or investment fund whose CONTROL is exercised by another person or investment fund.
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Controlled. Federal funds may be used for the purchase of Controlled Equipment, however because of the nature of the equipment and the potential impact on the community, there are additional and specific requirements in order to acquire this equipment. Contact the State or FEMA in regards to further details regarding controlled equipment and the Controlled Equipment List for specific requirements. Subrecipients must first make a Controlled Equipment Request and receive approval from FEMA prior to purchase of any controlled equipment.
Controlled. The term “Controlled” shall mean the possession by a Party of the legal authority or right, with respect to information, materials or intellectual property owned by such Party or licensed to such Party by a third party, to grant licenses or sublicenses to another without violating the terms of any agreement or other arrangement between such Party and a third party.
Controlled. 46 --D-- Distribution Arrangements................................................. 2 --E-- Environmental Law......................................................... 46
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