Contractual Liability Sample Clauses

Contractual Liability. Liability for payments under the Plan shall be the responsibility of the:
Contractual Liability. The obligation of the Employer to make payments hereunder shall constitute a contractual liability of the Employer to the Participant. Such payments shall be made from the general funds of the Employer, and the Employer shall not be required to establish or maintain any special or separate fund, or otherwise to segregate assets to assure that such payments shall be made, and the Participant shall not have any interest in any particular assets of the Employer by reason of its obligations hereunder. To the extent that any person acquires a right to receive payment from the Employer, such right shall be no greater than the right of an unsecured creditor of the Employer.
Contractual Liability. The obligations of Funding Recipient under this Article shall not be affected in any way by the absence of insurance coverage, or by the failure or refusal of any insurance carrier to perform an obligation on its part to be performed under insurance policies affecting City-Funded Equipment.
Contractual Liability. Bodily injury" or "property damage" for which the insured is obligated to pay "compensatory damages" by reason of the assumption of liability in a contract or agreement. This exclusion does not apply to liability for "compensatory damages":
Contractual Liability. Liability for payments under the Plan shall be the responsibility of the: XX (a) Company.
Contractual Liability any loss, liability or costs and expenses arising out of or from any contract or agreement which the insured has entered into unless it is proven that, and then only to the extent that, liability would have attached in the absence of such contract.
Contractual Liability. 1.10.7 any agreement unless liability would have arisen in the absence of that agreement. Unauthorized Building Works
Contractual Liability. Subject always to the exclusions ‘North American jurisdiction’ and ‘North American territory’, where any contract or agreement entered into by the insured so requires the insurer will indemnify the insured against liability arising from obligations undertaken by the insured by virtue of such contract or agreement but only to the extent of the indemnity defined in these insured sections provided that the terms and conditions of this insurance will apply as far as may be practicable.
Contractual Liability any claim, loss, liability, expenses, costs or defence costs arising out of any breach of contract, including but not limited to breach of any express warranty or guarantee, except that this exclusion shall not apply to any liability which you would have incurred in the absence of such contract, warranty or guarantee.
Contractual Liability. This insurance does not apply to any liability arising out of or connected directly or indirectly with liability assumed by the Insured under any agreement or contract excluding