Funding Recipient definition

Funding Recipient means the public water system that enters into a funding agreement with the State and receives funding from the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.
Funding Recipient means, with respect to any Participated Mortgage Loan, the Person to whom Bank shall directly pay the Purchase Price for the purchase of a Participation Interest in such Participated Mortgage Loan, as set forth in the related Request, provided that such Person meets the qualifications set forth in the Warehouse Program Guide for being a Funding Recipient with respect to such Participated Mortgage Loan.
Funding Recipient has the meaning provided in the Preamble hereof.

Examples of Funding Recipient in a sentence

  • The Funding Recipient shall also be liable for the conduct of third parties for which it is responsible (e.g. owners, corporate officers, etc.).

  • The FFG reserves the right to take action against the Funding Recipient also at the latter’s general legal venue.

  • The Funding Recipient must hold the FFG harmless against third parties.

  • FFG reserves the right to take legal action against the Funding Recipient at its general place of jurisdiction.

  • The Funding Recipient shall indemnify and hold FFG harmless against third-party claims.

More Definitions of Funding Recipient

Funding Recipient means a person, business, association, public agency, or other entity that enters into a contract with ARB or a District to reduce emissions under an incentive program.
Funding Recipient means the entity that the Commonwealth is providing funding or assistance to in relation to building works to which the Building Code applies. Related Entity has the same meaning as in subsection 3(2) of the Building Code. Works means Commonwealth Funded Building Work that is being indirectly funded by the Commonwealth through the provision of the Funding to the Funding Recipient.
Funding Recipient means both Parent and Subsidiary.) RECITALS
Funding Recipient has the meaning given in Item B of the Grant Details.
Funding Recipient means an organisation which has been awarded LEP funding and which will be administered by the Accountable Body to include accompanying terms and conditions of the LEP funding.
Funding Recipient. The Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA), a public agency in the State of California, duly organized, existing, and acting pursuant to the laws thereof, which is the signatory to the Funding Agreement.
Funding Recipient means American River Flood Control District, a public agency in the State of California, duly organized, existing, and acting pursuant to the laws thereof, which is the signatory to this Project Agreement, and its successors and assigns.