Deliverables for an Authorized User Agreement (Transaction Sample Clauses

Deliverables for an Authorized User Agreement (Transaction. Deliverables must be identified, as a measure of progress in the Authorized User Agreement. A Deliverable as a bulk number of hours is not permissible under the OGS Centralized Contract. Retainage As part of the Mini-Bid, the Authorized User may elect to retain a percentage of each individual Deliverable payment of no more than 20% until the acceptance of the complete Deliverable or project. This retainage may be reduced as described in the Mini-Bid, when the Contractor substantially reduces the time required from the timeframes negotiated between the Authorized User and the Contractor for the completion and acceptance of a Deliverable.
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  • End User Agreement This publication is distributed under the terms of Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act. This article entitles the maker of a short scientific work funded either wholly or partially by Dutch public funds to make that work publicly available for no consideration following a reasonable period of time after the work was first published, provided that clear reference is made to the source of the first publication of the work. Research outputs of researchers employed by Dutch Universities that comply with the legal requirements of Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act, are distributed online and free of cost or other barriers in institutional repositories. Research outputs are distributed six months after their first online publication in the original published version and with proper attribution to the source of the original publication. You are permitted to download and use the publication for personal purposes. All rights remain with the author(s) and/or copyrights owner(s) of this work. Any use of the publication other than authorised under this licence or copyright law is prohibited. If you believe that digital publication of certain material infringes any of your rights or (privacy) interests, please let the University Library know, stating your reasons. In case of a legitimate complaint, the University Library will, as a precaution, make the material inaccessible and/or remove it from the website. Please contact the University Library through email: xxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx.xx. You will be contacted as soon as possible. University Library Radboud University

  • User Agreement The User Agreement forms part of this Agreement. As much as possible, this Agreement and the User Agreement should be interpreted as a consistent whole. Where a conflict of interpretation arises, this Agreement overrides the User Agreement to the extent of the conflict, except in relation to your use of the Product or Online Card Payment Service as part of our new checkout solution as set out in the User Agreement. Capitalised words which are not defined in this Agreement are defined in that User Agreement. The definition of “Services” and “Agreement” in the User Agreement, when read together with these terms, include the Product and this Agreement. The User Agreement includes important provisions which:

  • END USER AGREEMENTS (“EUA H-GAC acknowledges that the END USER may choose to enter into an End User Agreement (“EUA) with the Contractor through this Agreement, and that the term of the EUA may exceed the term of the current H-GAC Agreement. H-GAC’s acknowledgement is not an endorsement or approval of the End User Agreement’s terms and conditions. Contractor agrees not to offer, agree to or accept from the END USER, any terms or conditions that conflict with those in Contractor’s Agreement with H-GAC. Contractor affirms that termination of its Agreement with H-GAC for any reason shall not result in the termination of any underlying EUA, which shall in each instance, continue pursuant to the EUA’s stated terms and duration. Pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, termination of this Agreement will disallow the Contractor from entering into any new EUA with END USERS. Applicable H-GAC order processing charges will be due and payable to H-GAC

  • Contract Migration Authorized Users holding individual Contracts with a Contractor at the time that Contractor is awarded a Centralized Contract for the same Products or services shall be permitted to migrate to that Centralized Contract effective with its commencement date. Such migration shall not operate to diminish, alter or eliminate any right that the Authorized User otherwise had under the terms and conditions of their individual Contract.

  • CONTRACTOR STAFF WITHIN AUTHORIZED USER AGREEMENT The provisions of this section shall apply unless otherwise agreed in the Authorized User Agreement. All employees of the Contractor, or of its Subcontractors, who shall perform under an Authorized User Agreement, shall possess the necessary qualifications, training, licenses, and permits as may be required within the jurisdiction where the Services specified are to be provided or performed, and shall be legally entitled to work in such jurisdiction. All Business Entities that perform Services under the Contract on behalf of Contractor shall, in performing the Services, comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws concerning employment in the United States. Staffing Changes within Authorized User Agreement

  • ADDITIONAL CONTRACTOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS WITHIN AN AUTHORIZED USER AGREEMENT Additional Contractor Terms and Conditions may become part of an Authorized User Agreement in accordance with Section 28 of Appendix B. EMPLOYEE INFORMATION REQUIRED TO BE REPORTED BY CERTAIN CONSULTANT CONTRACTORS AND SERVICE CONTRACTORS Civil Service Law § 97 and State Finance Law § 163 establish reporting requirements for maintaining certain information concerning Contract Employees working under State Agency service and consulting Contracts. State Agency consultant Contracts are defined as “Contracts entered into by a state Agency for analysis, evaluation, research, training, data processing, computer programming, engineering, environmental health and mental health services, accounting, auditing, paralegal, legal, or similar services” (“covered consultant Contract” or “covered consultant services”). The information must be provided to the state Agency awarding such Contracts, OSC, DOB and CS. To meet these requirements, the Contractor agrees to complete:

  • User Agreements In order to receive certain LDC Databases, Member shall restrict use of these Databases to only those of its employees or consultants within its control who, in advance of gaining access to the specified Databases, have signed any necessary separate user agreements. The specific Databases for which such user agreements are required will be indicated by LDC and the terms and provisions of any such User Agreements supersede the terms of the Membership Agreement. Member may elect not to receive LDC Databases for which separate user agreements are required. Member shall maintain all signed user agreements on file for inspection by LDC upon its request and shall terminate access to the specified LDC Databases to individuals for whom the conditions contained in the user agreement no longer apply. To the extent that any of Member's consultants gain access to any LDC Databases, Member shall be responsible and liable for the actions and omissions of those consultants as though they were the actions of Member.

  • Purchase Order Flip via Ariba Network (AN) The online process allows suppliers to submit invoices via the AN for catalog and non- catalog goods and services. Contractors have the ability to create an invoice directly from their Inbox in their AN account by simply “flipping” the purchase order into an invoice. This option does not require any special software or technical capabilities. For the purposes of this section, the Contractor warrants and represents that it is authorized and empowered to and hereby grants the State and the third-party provider of MFMP the right and license to use, reproduce, transmit, distribute, and publicly display within the system the information outlined above. In addition, the Contractor warrants and represents that it is authorized and empowered to and hereby grants the State and the third-party provider the right and license to reproduce and display within the system the Contractor’s trademarks, system marks, logos, trade dress, or other branding designation that identifies the products made available by the Contractor under the Contract.

  • MASTER CONTRACT TRANSITION Contractor represents and warrants that, in the event this Master Contract or a similar contract, is transitioned to another contractor (e.g., Master Contract expiration or termination), Contractor shall use commercially reasonable efforts to assist Enterprise Services for a period of sixty (60) days to effectuate a smooth transition to another contractor to minimize disruption of service and/or costs to the State of Washington.

  • Reporting Unauthorized Transactions You should notify us immediately if you believe your Access Codes or any Access Devices have been lost or stolen, that someone has gained access to the Security Procedure, or that someone has transferred or may transfer money from your Account without your permission or if you suspect any fraudulent activity on your Account. To notify us, call us at the number provided in Section 9.6 between 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time during a Business Day.

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