Confirm Sample Clauses

Confirm. • That my details in the enrolment form, as well as the details of the child I am enrolling are correct• I have agreed to days of care within the service(s) and understand the start and end times of these sessions of care• That care may be provided on a casual or flexible basis where available at my service(s) at my request• I understand I am liable to pay fees for the care of my child as indicated above and, if applicable, in other information the service has given me (such as a fee schedule or parent handbook) which are subject to change over time based on advice from the provider and acceptance by me.PARENT / GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: Please sign and bring to the centre on your next visit DATE: .......... / .......... / ..........Hello parents!What is Kinderloop?Kinderloop provides a secure way for child care providersto share information with parents, through real-time updates.Each Kinderloop is a private closed loop, posts are only shared with invited family members & staff and cannot be shared across the web. (Content is owned by the educator)Sometimes we seek permission to use real-life images in our messaging (image right) to give an honest representation to new users. If you do not want your child included in any Kinderloop image mock-ups, please tick this box Your consentI, [name in print] consent to have the image of my child[ren] [name in print] captured byeducators for the purpose of developmental reporting & secure parent communication using our private Kinderloop. This includes group photos shared with other family members from my child’s class/group. We appreciate your respect in regards to the privacy of other families.Signed by parent / guardian: ___________________________________ Date ___________________ Please securely invite these family members via their email addresses below:
Confirm whether you are a Debt Commitment Party pursuant to the representation in Item 3 of your Subscription Form. (This section is only for Debt Commitment Parties, each of whom is aware of their status as a Debt Commitment Party).
Confirm. Tammalynn Bambulas, MSN, CNM (OB/GYN) and Tara Krog, PhD (Psychiatry), as Advanced Practice Clinician/Allied Health Professional Members- At-Large (July 1, 2022 – December 31, 2023)David E. Brodkin, MD, Chief of Staff
Confirm. Confirm allows business subscribers to monitor specifically barcoded letters and flats as they are processed. Confirm service generated $3.0 million in revenue in FY 2011.
Confirm. Total grant project cost = EPA Contribution + Cost Share Amount.$125,000 = $100,000 + $25,000 Note: grant applications are not required to reflect costs that exceed total grant project costs as calculated above; this is the minimum total grant project cost required to receive the full FY22 appropriation amount.
Confirm preliminary views 3 and 4, and reach consensus on the specific matters for comment Material(s) Presented Agenda Item -3Covering memo summarizing the significant issues and related staffanalyses and recommendations. Detailed Collation of Responses to the CP, including Project Staff Analysis and Recommendations were included with the materials provided to the IPSASB for the September, 2012 meeting. Background and Summary of Initial Review of Responses (September 2012)
Confirm the qualifying matters under sections 77I and 77O of the Resource Management Act 1991 (including council-identified matters under section 77I(j) and section 77O(j)) as set out in Attachment A to the agenda report.