Confidentiality of Purchase Agreement Sample Clauses

Confidentiality of Purchase Agreement. Each Participant, the Owner Trustee and the Indenture Trustee agrees for the benefit of the Manufacturer and Lessee that it will not disclose or suffer to be disclosed the terms of the Purchase Agreement to any third party except (A) as may be required by any applicable statute, court or administrative order or decree or governmental ruling or regulation or to any regulatory authorities having official jurisdiction over them, (B) in connection with the financing of the Aircraft and the other transactions contemplated by the Operative Documents (including any transfer of Equipment Notes (including by way of participation or assignment of an interest, provided such participant or assignee agrees to hold such terms confidential to the same extent as herein provided) or the Owner Participant's beneficial interest in the Trust Estate and any exercise of remedies under the Lease and the Trust Indenture), (C) with the prior written consent of the Manufacturer and Lessee, (D) to the Owner Trustee's, the Indenture Trustee's and each Participant's counsel or special counsel, independent insurance brokers or other agents who agree to hold such information confidential, or (E) in the case of the Owner Participant and/or the Owner Trustee, it may disclose so much of the Purchase Agreement as has been assigned to the Owner Trustee under the Purchase Agreement Assignment to bona fide potential purchasers of the Aircraft.
Confidentiality of Purchase Agreement. Participation Agreement and Tax Indemnity Agreement ........ 24