Conditions of Insurance Coverage Sample Clauses

Conditions of Insurance Coverage. All such insurance shall (a) be issued by a company that is licensed to do business in the jurisdiction in the State of Illinois and that has a rating equal to or exceeding A-:VIII from Best’s Insurance Guide, and (b) with respect to such liability insurance, name the other party as an additional insured. Each party shall deliver to the other, on the Lease Commencement Date and at least annually thereafter, a certificate of all insurance required to be maintained by such party pursuant to this Lease.
Conditions of Insurance Coverage. All such insurance shall: (1) be issued by a company that is licensed to do business in the jurisdiction in which the Premises is located, that has been approved in advance by Landlord and that has a rating equal to or exceeding A-:XII from Best's Insurance Guide; (2) name Landlord and the holder of any Mortgage as additional insureds and/or loss payees (as applicable), and all loss adjustment shall require the written consent of Landlord and Tenant, and such Mortgagee, if applicable; (3) contain an endorsement that such policy shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding that the insured may have waived its right of action against any party prior to the occurrence of a loss (Tenant hereby waiving its right of action and recovery against and releasing Landlord and its employees and agents from any and all liabilities, claims and losses for which they may otherwise be liable to the extent Tenant is covered by insurance carried or required to be
Conditions of Insurance Coverage. Insurance provided under Sections 1 through 3 above shall be subject to conditions imposed by the various insurance carriers. The City's responsibility under this Article is limited solely to the payment of necessary premiums to purchase the insurance described in Section 1 through 3 of this Article. The City agrees to maintain the level of City-paid group insurance benefits as outlined in this Article during the life of this agreement.

Related to Conditions of Insurance Coverage

  • Maintenance of Insurance Coverage Each party agrees to maintain throughout the term of this Agreement professional liability insurance coverage of the type and amount reasonably customary in its industry. Upon request, a party shall furnish the other party with pertinent information concerning the professional liability insurance coverage that it maintains. Such information shall include the identity of the insurance carrier(s), coverage levels, and deductible amounts.

  • Insurance Coverages The Contractor shall procure and maintain, at its sole cost and expense, in a form and content satisfactory to City, during the entire term of this Agreement including any extension thereof, the following policies of insurance which shall cover all elected and appointed officers, employees and agents of City:

  • Evidence of Insurance Cover All insurances obtained by the Concessionaire in accordance with this Article 32 shall be maintained with insurers on terms consistent with Good Industry Practice. Within 15 (fifteen) days of obtaining any insurance cover, the Concessionaire shall furnish to the Authority, notarised true copies of the certificate(s) of insurance, copies of insurance policies and premia payment receipts in respect of such insurance, and no such insurance shall be cancelled, modified, or allowed to expire or lapse until the expiration of at least 45 (forty five) days after notice of such proposed cancellation, modification or non-renewal has been delivered by the Concessionaire to the Authority.

  • Insurance Coverage The Company and each Subsidiary maintains in full force and effect insurance coverage that is customary for comparably situated companies for the business being conducted and properties owned or leased by the Company and each Subsidiary, and the Company reasonably believes such insurance coverage to be adequate against all liabilities, claims and risks against which it is customary for comparably situated companies to insure.

  • Proof of Insurance Coverage As preliminary evidence of compliance with the insurance required by the contract, the company will furnish the Authority with a certificate(s) of insurance satisfactory to the Authority. This certificate must be signed by an authorized representative of the insurer. If requested by the Authority, the company will, within 15 days after receipt of written request from the Authority, provide the Authority, or make available for review, certificates of insurance, copies of required endorsements and/or a certified complete copy of the policies of STANDARD PROCEDURE Number: S250.06 Effective: 05/31/02 Aviation Authority Revised: 12/11/14 Page: 4 of 7 Subject: CONTRACTUAL INSURANCE TERMS AND CONDITIONS insurance. The company may redact those portions of the insurance policies that are not relevant to the coverage required by the contract. The company will provide the Authority with renewal or replacement evidence of insurance, acceptable to the Authority, prior to expiration or termination of such insurance. The insurance certificate must:

  • No Defense to Insurance Coverage No action has been taken or failed to be taken, no event has occurred and no state of facts exists or has existed on or prior to the Purchase Date (whether or not known to Seller on or prior to such date) which has resulted or will result in an exclusion from, denial of, or defense to coverage under any private mortgage insurance (including, without limitation, any exclusions, denials or defenses which would limit or reduce the availability of the timely payment of the full amount of the loss otherwise due thereunder to the insured) whether arising out of actions, representations, errors, omissions, negligence, or fraud of Seller, the related Mortgagor or any party involved in the application for such coverage, including the appraisal, plans and specifications and other exhibits or documents submitted therewith to the insurer under such insurance policy, or for any other reason under such coverage, but not including the failure of such insurer to pay by reason of such insurer’s breach of such insurance policy or such insurer’s financial inability to pay.

  • Insurance Coverage Requirements 9.24.1 General Liability insurance written on ISO policy form CG 00 01 or its equivalent with limits of not less than the following: General Aggregate: $4 million Products/Completed Operations Aggregate: $1 million Personal and Advertising Injury: $1 million Each Occurrence: $2 million

  • Required Insurance Coverages The Contractor also agrees to purchase insurance and have the authorized agent state on the insurance certificate that the Contractor has purchased the following types of insurance coverages, consistent with the policies and requirements of O.C.G.A. §50-21-37. The minimum required coverages and liability limits are as follows:

  • REINSURANCE COVERAGE The excess of Individual Life Insurance and Waiver of Premium benefits issued directly by the ceding company on plans listed in Exhibit A shall be reinsured with The Guardian. The ceding company can automatically bind The Guardian under the following conditions:

  • Insurance Cover 21.2.1 Without prejudice to the provisions contained in Article21.1, the Concessionaire shall, during the Operations Period, procure and maintain Insurance Cover including but not limited to the following: