Committee Determination Sample Clauses

Committee Determination. Any adjustments or other action pursuant to this Section 4 shall be made by the Committee, and the Committee's determination as to what adjustments shall be made or actions taken, and the extent thereof, shall be final and binding.
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Committee Determination. The Committee may make prospective adjustments to the Award. All determinations made by the Committee or otherwise by PNC hereunder shall be made in its sole discretion and shall be final, binding and conclusive for all purposes on all parties.
Committee Determination. This Award of Performance Shares represents an agreement by the Company to deliver Shares of the Company to the Participant in the future, pursuant to the terms hereof. The Award of Performance Shares will become payable pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and the Plan based on the achievement of performance goals over the Performance Period. Attainment of the performance goals shall be determined and certified by the Committee in writing within sixty (60) days following the end of the Performance Period.
Committee Determination. Except as otherwise provided in Section 3, whether employment has been terminated for the purposes of this Agreement, and the reasons therefore, shall be determined by the Committee, whose determination shall be final, binding and conclusive.
Committee Determination. The Committee shall determine the Final Award Number of Performance Shares after the end of the Performance Period and not later than [applicable date] and the date the Committee makes such determination is referred to in this Award as the “Determination Date.” The Committee shall make all determinations in calculating the Final Award Number of Performance Shares and the Committee’s determination shall be binding. XXXXX FARGO & COMPANY LONG-TERM INCENTIVE COMPENSATION PLAN PERFORMANCE SHARE AWARD AGREEMENT Exhibit B to Performance Share Award Agreement
Committee Determination. The Performance Measures in Section 3(a) are evaluated independently by the Committee. The Committee shall determine and certify the extent to which the Performance Measures have been met following the end of the Measurement Period and the number of Performance RSUs tentatively earned and the number earned and vested by the Grantee hereunder. The Committee’s determinations shall be binding and conclusive on all parties. Performance RSUs shall not be deemed to have been tentatively earned until the Committee’s determination and certification as to the attainment of the respective Performance Measures has been completed. The Committee may not exercise discretion to increase the amount earned or vested and/or the shares of Stock otherwise due based on the extent to which the Performance Measures are met.
Committee Determination. The Committee shall, in its sole discretion, determine the level of Performance Measures that have been satisfied during the Performance Period and the applicable Payout Percentage to be used to determine the number of Awarded Shares, if any, based on the application of the Performance Measure Factor Grid. The Committee may, in its sole discretion, adjust the Performance Measures and the Performance Measure Factor Grid to exclude the effect of any corporate acquisition or divestiture after the date hereof on satisfaction of the Performance Measures. EXHIBIT B Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Provision All capitalized terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Award Agreement, unless specifically set forth otherwise herein.
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Committee Determination. Subject to Section 2(c) below, prior to the PSUs covered by this Award vesting and becoming free of restrictions, the Committee must determine in writing that the Performance Objectives were, in fact, satisfied, which determination will be made on such date specified by the Committee.
Committee Determination. Pursuant to Articles 4 and 9 of the Plan, the Committee shall have the discretion to calculate the total stockholder returns for the Performance Period for the Peer Index Companies, including the Company, and to determine the formula to achieve such calculations. The Committee’s determinations with respect to the Performance Period for purposes of this Agreement shall be binding upon all persons. The Committee may not increase the Shares issuable under this Agreement. The Committee may, in its sole discretion, make such adjustments as it deems necessary and appropriate, if any, in the composition of the group of Peer Index Companies to address the merger or consolidation of any company in the Peer Index Companies as of the date hereof with another company, an acquisition or disposition of a significant portion of such company’s businesses or assets as it exists on the date hereof, or any other extraordinary event occurring in relation to such company during the term of this Agreement. Prior to an issuance of Shares made pursuant to Section 1.2 and as provided in Section 2 or Section 3.4, the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company shall determine if the performance criteria for such issuance has been satisfied and, to the extent such performance criteria has been satisfied, shall certify in writing that such performance criteria has been satisfied.
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