Claimant Sample Clauses

Claimant. An individual or entity having a direct contract with the Contractor or with a subcontractor of the Contractor to furnish labor, materials or equipment for use in the performance of the Construction Contract. The term Claimant also includes any individual or entity that has rightfully asserted a claim under an applicable mechanic’s lien or similar statute against the real property upon which the Project is located. The intent of this Bond shall be to include without limitation in the terms “labor, materials or equipment” that part of water, gas, power, light, heat, oil, gasoline, telephone service or rental equipment used in the Construction Contract, architectural and engineering services required for performance of the work of the Contractor and the Contractor’s subcontractors, and all other items for which a mechanic’s lien may be asserted in the jurisdiction where the labor, materials or equipment were furnished.
Claimant. “Claimant” shall have the meaning assigned to an individual who makes a claim pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 12 below.
Claimant. Claimant means a person or entity which has made or may make a Claim including a Claim for contribution or indemnity.
Claimant a. Is  SingleMarried. b. Is entitled to exemption(s). c. Claimant’s gross weekly earnings are $ using Iowa Code section 85.36( ). d. Has a rate of weekly compensation of $ . (If the rate for PPD differs, it is $ per week.)
Claimant. “Claimant” shall mean (i) any Qualified State Law Class Member who does not submit an “Opt Out Statement” or (ii) any FLSA Collective Member.
Claimant. “Claimant” means any Class Member who submits a Claim.
Claimant. “Claimant” refers to all Class Members who timely submit a proper 25 Claim Form to the Settlement Administrator as described in Paragraph 7 of this Agreement, and who, 26 after the review by Class Counsel described in Paragraph 5.1, are eligible to receive an Individual 27 Settlement Payment. 28
Claimant. As used herein, the term “Claimant” means any Class Member who submits a Claim Form under this Agreement.
Claimant. The term “Claimant” shall refer to an individual or entity that files a claim to benefits pursuant to Section 8.0.