Civil Sample Clauses

Civil a. Further refinement of Schematic Design Phase development of on and off site utility systems for sewer, electrical, water, storm drain and fire water. Includes, without limitation, pipe sizes, materials, invert elevation location and installation details.
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Civil. Any person who intentionally or negligently violates section 1.126 may be held liable in a civil action brought by the civil prosecutor for an amount up to $5,000.
Civil. 3.7.1. Develop on and off site utility systems such as sewer, water, storm drain, firewater lines and fire hydrants.
Civil. All site plans, site utilities, parking, walkway, and roadway systems updated to reflect update revisions from Design Development Phase Documents.
Civil. DC-1. Site Survey DC-2. Site/Civil Plan
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Civil. 1. All interior work inside the office space and (if required) re-xxxxxxx the washrooms provided by the Lessor
Civil. SDC-1. Civil Plan showing major existing features, existing utilities, probable routings of new utility runs, drainage and initial finish floor elevation, and any required off-site developments.
Civil. The Civil Model may vary in level of detail for individual elements, but at a minimum must include all features that would be included on a one inch (1” = 100’ to 1”= 20’) scaled drawing. Additional minimum Model requirements include:
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