Governing body of the city definition

Governing body of the city means the city council or city commission of a city requesting incorporation of an authority created under this act.
Governing body of the city means the city council or city commission of a city requesting incorporation of a port authority created under this code.
Governing body of the city means the city council or

Examples of Governing body of the city in a sentence

  • This Ordinance shall be effective upon its final passage and publication as required by law.ADOPTED AND PASSED by the Governing body of the city of Osawatomie, Kansas, this 17th day of December, 2015.

  • ADOPTED AND PASSED by the Governing body of the city of Paola, Kansas, this 13th day of October, 2015.

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Governing body of the city or "fiscal court" means "authority";
Governing body of the city means "governing body of the institution";

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  • clerk of the court means the person who for the time being is the clerk of every Magistrates Court at a place or places appointed under this Act for the holding of Magistrates Courts in question, and includes any assistant clerk of the court, deputy clerk of the court and any person who for the time being occupies or performs the duties of such office.

  • Governing board means the Fund's Board of Directors if the Fund is a corporation or the Fund's Board of Trustees if the Fund is a trust, or, where duly authorized, a competent committee thereof.

  • Governing body means the board of county commissioners or a county council if a county; the legislative authority if a municipal corporation; or the board of township trustees if a township; the board of directors if a sanitary district; or the board of trustees if a regional water and sewer district.

  • the City means the City and County of San Francisco, a municipal corporation, acting by and through both its Director of the Office of Contract Administration or the Director’s designated agent, hereinafter referred to as “Purchasing” and [insert name of department].

  • sitting means, in relation to a House, a period during which that House is sitting continuously without adjournment, and includes any period during which the House is in committee;

  • County means the county of Los Angeles or any public entities for which the board of supervisors is the governing body. (Ord. 2002-0040 § 1, 2002: Ord. 2002-0015 § 1 (part), 2002)

  • Terms of the citation means those conditions and options expressly stated upon the citation.

  • Appellate Authority means Committee of Directors consisting of Director (Finance) and Director (BD) for works centers under Director (Projects). For all other cases committee of Directors shall consist of Director (Finance) & Director (Projects).

  • Special Court means a Court of Session designated as Special Court under sub-section (1) of section 43;

  • District or “School District” means the Crane Independent School District, being a duly authorized and operating school district in the State, having the power to levy, assess, and collect ad valorem taxes within its boundaries and to which Subchapter C of the Act applies. The term also includes any successor independent school district or other successor governmental authority having the power to levy and collect ad valorem taxes for school purposes on the Applicant’s Qualified Property or the Applicant’s Qualified Investment.

  • District board means the board of directors of the district.

  • State Court means a judicial body of a state that is vested by law with responsibility for adjudicating cases involving abuse, neglect, deprivation, delinquency, or status offenses of individuals who have not attained the age of eighteen (18).

  • Tribal Court ’ means a court with juris- diction over child custody proceedings and which is either a Court of Indian Offenses, a court established and operated under the code or custom of an Indian tribe, or any other ad- ministrative body of a tribe which is vested with authority over child custody proceedings.

  • Executive Authority means the executive committee or executive mayor of the Municipality or, if the Municipality does not have an executive committee or executive mayor, a committee of councillors appointed by the Municipal Council;

  • Ward of the state means a child who has been committed to the Cabinet for Families and Children or the Department of Juvenile Justice through a legal process, whether the commitment is voluntary or non-voluntary and the biological or adoptive parental rights have been terminated.