Approvals of the City Sample Clauses

Approvals of the City. Any provision of this Development Agreement requiring the approval of the City, the satisfaction or evidence of satisfaction from the City, certificate or certification by the City or the opinion of the City, shall be interpreted as requiring action by the Mayor of the City (or such other applicable official as the Mayor of the City may from time to time appoint or designate) granting, authorizing or expressing such approval, satisfaction, certification or opinion, as the case may be, unless such provision or the administrative procedures applicable in the City expressly provide otherwise.

Related to Approvals of the City

  • Consents, Licenses, Approvals, etc Lender shall have received copies of all consents, licenses and approvals, if any, required in connection with the execution, delivery and performance by Borrower, and the validity and enforceability, of the Loan Documents, and such consents, licenses and approvals shall be in full force and effect.