Canadian Securities Laws Sample Clauses

Canadian Securities Laws. The Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to comply with all requirements imposed upon it by the (x) Canadian Securities Laws as from time to time in force, so far as necessary to permit the continuance of sales of, or dealings in, the Shares as contemplated by the provisions hereof and the Prospectuses.
Canadian Securities Laws. 2.64.1 The Company is a reporting issuer in the Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, is not in default of any material requirement of the Canadian Securities Laws of the Province of British Columbia and Alberta and is not included on a list of defaulting reporting issuers maintained by the securities regulators of such jurisdictions.
Canadian Securities Laws. The distribution of the Consideration Shares pursuant to the Arrangement shall be exempt from the prospectus requirements of applicable Securities Laws in Canada either by virtue of exemptive relief from the securities regulatory authorities of each of the provinces of Canada or by virtue of exemptions under applicable Securities Laws and shall not be subject to resale restrictions in Canada under applicable Securities Laws (other than as applicable to control persons or pursuant to Section 2.6 of National Instrument 45-102 – Resale of Securities).
Canadian Securities Laws. (a) Such Partner is aware that (i) its Interest is subject to hold periods and other restrictions on resale pursuant to the provisions of applicable Canadian securities legislation (the “Legislation”), (ii) the Partnership has made no representations with respect to such hold periods or resale restrictions, and (iii) such Partner has been advised to seek independent legal advice with respect to any such hold periods or resale restrictions.
Canadian Securities Laws. (a) As at the date hereof, the Company is a reporting issuer not in default under the securities laws of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
Canadian Securities Laws. The Company is not the subject of a cease trade order, or management cease trade order, issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission (the “BCSC”), and the Company is, to the best of its knowledge, not aware of any such order being contemplated or threatened by the BCSC. The Company is a reporting issuer under the securities laws of the Province of British Columbia (the “BC Securities Laws”), is not in default of any requirement of the BC Securities Laws, and the Company is not included on the Defaulting Issuers List maintained by the BCSC. All disclosure and filings on the public record and fees required to be made and paid by the Company pursuant to the BC Securities Laws have been made and paid, and the Company has not filed any confidential material change reports.
Canadian Securities Laws. In addition to the representations and warranties set forth above, for purposes of complying with Canadian securities laws applicable to the Company, the Investor represents and warrants to the Company that it is purchasing the Shares as principal for its own account, not for the benefit of any other person, for investment only and not with a view to the resale or distribution of all or any of the Shares, and if the Investor is acting for a principal, such principal is purchasing as principal for its own account, not for the benefit of any other person, for investment only and not with a view to resale or distribution, and such Investor is either (a) an “accredited investor” as such term is defined in National Instrument 45-106 – Prospectus Exemptions (“NI 45-106”); provided however: (i) it was not created or used solely to purchase or hold securities as an accredited investor as described in paragraph (m) of the definition of “accredited investor” in NI 45-106, and (ii) it has concurrently executed and delivered an “Accredited Investor’s Representation Letter” in the form attached to this Subscription Agreement as Schedule A (including Appendix B to Schedule A thereto if the Investor is an individual) and specifically represents and warrants that one or more of the categories set forth in Appendix A attached to the Accredited Investor’s Representation Letter, in all respects, describes the Investor and will describe the Investor as at the time of Closing, and the Investor has so indicated by initialing next to the category in such Appendix A which so described it; or (b) is purchasing the Shares pursuant to another exemption from the prospectus and registration requirements (particulars of which have been enclosed herewith by the Investor, subject to the satisfaction of the Company) available to such Investor under applicable Canadian securities laws and shall deliver to the Company such further particulars of the exemption(s) and the Investor’s qualifications thereunder as the Company or its counsel may request.
Canadian Securities Laws. Section 3(i) CFC. Section 2.26(d) Claim Notice. Section 11.3