Canadian Securities Laws Sample Clauses

Canadian Securities Laws. The Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to comply with all requirements imposed upon it by the (x) Canadian Securities Laws as from time to time in force, so far as necessary to permit the continuance of sales of, or dealings in, the Shares as contemplated by the provisions hereof and the Prospectuses.
Canadian Securities Laws. 2.64.1 The Company is a reporting issuer in the Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, is not in default of any material requirement of the Canadian Securities Laws of the Province of British Columbia and Alberta and is not included on a list of defaulting reporting issuers maintained by the securities regulators of such jurisdictions.
Canadian Securities Laws. The distribution of the Consideration Shares pursuant to the Arrangement shall be exempt from the prospectus requirements of applicable Securities Laws in Canada either by virtue of exemptive relief from the securities regulatory authorities of each of the provinces of Canada or by virtue of exemptions under applicable Securities Laws and shall not be subject to resale restrictions in Canada under applicable Securities Laws (other than as applicable to control persons or pursuant to Section 2.6 of National Instrument 45-102 – Resale of Securities).
Canadian Securities Laws. It will not, and will ensure that its affiliates do not, offer for sale, solicit offers to purchase, sell or carry out any act in connection with the sale of, Securities, in Canada or to or for the account of Canadian resident investors.
Canadian Securities Laws. (a) Such Partner is aware that (i) its Interest is subject to hold periods and other restrictions on resale pursuant to the provisions of applicable Canadian securities legislation (the “Legislation”), (ii) the Partnership has made no representations with respect to such hold periods or resale restrictions, and (iii) such Partner has been advised to seek independent legal advice with respect to any such hold periods or resale restrictions.
Canadian Securities Laws. Security holders whose last address as shown on the books of the Company is in Canada hold less than 10% of the outstanding Company Common Stock. Security holders in Canada beneficially own less than 10% of the outstanding Company Common Stock. There is no published market for the Company Common Stock.
Canadian Securities Laws. (a) As at the date hereof, the Company is a reporting issuer not in default under the securities laws of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
Canadian Securities Laws. Parent and the Company shall each use their reasonable best efforts to take all actions required to permit the issuance of Parent Ordinary Shares issued pursuant to this Agreement into and from any province or territory in Canada as at the Effective Time and to permit the first resale of Parent Ordinary Shares issued pursuant to this Agreement on an exchange or a market, which may be outside of Canada, without further qualification with or approval of or the filing of any document (including any prospectus or similar document). In the event that, prior to the Effective Time, it is reasonably determined that such resales may not be effected under section 2.14 of National Instrument 45-102 Resale of Securities, Parent and the Company agree to cooperate to seek an exemptive order, ruling or consent from securities regulatory authorities under Canadian Securities Laws or other Legal Requirements or pursuant to the rules and regulations of any regulatory authority administering such Legal Requirements, permitting such resales after the Effective Time. If such exemptive relief is not available, Pxxxxx agrees to take such action as is necessary to ensure that the first resale of Parent Ordinary Shares issued on the Effective Date including being a reporting issuer in one or more Provinces of Canada. For purposes of this Agreement, “Canadian Securities Laws” means the Securities Act (Ontario) and the equivalent legislation in the other provinces and territories of Canada, all as now enacted or as the same may from time to time be amended, re-enacted or replaced, and the applicable rules, regulations, rulings, orders, forms and written policies made or promulgated under such legislation and the published policies of regulatory authorities administering such legislation.
Canadian Securities Laws. The Company will promptly fulfill and comply with all applicable Canadian Securities Laws required to be fulfilled or complied with by the Company to enable the Securities to be lawfully distributed to the public in the Qualifying Canadian Jurisdictions through the Canadian Underwriters or any other investment dealers or brokers registered as such in the Qualifying Canadian Jurisdictions.