Canadian Sample Clauses

Canadian. Seller acknowledges that 150,000 of these stock options were originally granted on December 15, 1999 whose exercise price has been reduced to $.56 Canadian and the remaining 75,000 stock options were granted on October 20, 2000. In addition both and Seller acknowledge that 33,000 option of the 150,000 granted on December 15, 1999 have already been exercised leaving a remaining balance to be exercised of 117,000 options. A copy of those stock options agreements are attached in Exhibits C. Timebeat will not cancel those stock options for any reason. B) certain watches as described more fully in Exhibit D and C) accounting reconciliation as more fully outlined in Exhibit E 3. LIABILITIES. It is understood and agreed that will not assume any direct or indirect debts, obligations or liabilities of the Seller of any nature, whether absolute, accrued, contingent, liquidated or otherwise, and whether due or to become due, asserted or unasserted, known or unknown. Terry Allison ( the "Indemnifying Shareholder"), shall indemnify and hold harmless and its transferees, successors and assigns for any liabilities, contingent or otherwise, associated with the
Canadian. Patent No. 1,207,212, issued July 8, 1986, and entitled "Method and Apparatus for Producing a Colloidal Mixture."
Canadian employee shall be allowed the necessary time off with pay to process Canadian Citizenship Application, to a maximum of one (1) day.
Canadian. If a vehicle becomes non-operational during shipment, these fees, plus any additional fees required to accomplish delivery will be added to the Customers account and must be paid prior to delivery. Depending on the vehicle’s location, we may not be able to proceed with delivery if the vehicle becomes inoperable.
Canadian. Laborers Pension Fund of Central &Eastern Canada Box Station Toronto, ON Pipeline Industry Promotion Rind: North Service Road APPENDIX LABORERS MAINLINE PIPELINE AGREEMENT FOR CANADA ONTARIO The classifications and the hourly wage rates applicable thereto shall be as follows: Ontario faller Attendant Twenty-five cents ($0.25) per hour above regular rate. Job Steward Fifty cents ($0.50)per hour above regular rate. When an employee covered by this Agreement is employed on hot work he shall receive one dollar ($1.00)per hour above his regular rate. \ EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTIONS: Rates at which the Employer shall contribute for each hour of work earned on behalf of each employee employed under the terms of this Agreement for the following purposes shall be: * Training Plan contributions should be sent as directed by the Local Union. The Pipeline Industry Promotion Fund shall be administered by the Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada. The Trustees of the employee benefit funds referred to in this Agreement shall promptly notify the Local Union of by any Employer to pay any employee benefit contributions required to be made under this Agreement and which are owed under the said funds in order that the Program Administrator of the Employee Wage Protection Program may deem that there has been an assignment of compensation under the said Program in compliance with the Regulation to Employment Standards Amendment Act, in relation to the Employee Wage Protection Program.
Canadian. At or before the closing of the transactions contemplated hereby, the Purchaser will be a “Canadian” within the meaning of the Investment Canada Act and a “taxable Canadian corporation” within the meaning of the Tax Act.