Blanks Sample Clauses

Blanks. You agree that we may fill in any blanks in any document related to the Loan Agreement (such as an acknowledgment or date).
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Blanks. There are numerous locations where information specific to your project is required to fill in a blank. All of the blanks must be filled in, except the date in the first paragraph, prior to forwarding the agreement for review. Including the information required to fill in a blank is not considered a deviation from the model.
Blanks. The Borrower agrees that the Bank may fill in any blanks in any related document to the Agreement (such as an acknowledgement).
Blanks. ‌ The Engager agrees that all blanks, including opening date, fee and required date of arrival will be filled in writing before signing or delivery.
Blanks. 7. EOL 75 1 End of Line ============================== =========== =========== ========== ================================================== TOTAL 75 ------------------------------ ----------- ----------- ---------- -------------------------------------------------- <CAPTION> 1.3
Blanks. The two blank tiles may be used as any letters. When playing a blank, you must state which letter it represents when the Blank dialog box appears. It remains that letter for the rest of the game. To display a blank letter on the board after it has been placed, simply tap the blank tile.
Blanks. You authorise us to complete any blanks in any document related to this Agreement (including the Securities).
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Blanks. Blanks help verify that the equipment, sample containers, and reagents are not a source of contamination, and that the sampling techniques used are non- contaminating. Both field and laboratory blanks are included in the program. Field blanks will be used to determine if field sampling activities are a potential source for contamination. These blanks will be collected by sampling "blank water" (contaminant-free deionized water) in the field during a sampling event. The same equipment used for collection of the grab samples will be used to transfer the blank water into the blank sample containers. Method blanks will be run by the analytical laboratory to determine the level of contamination associated with laboratory reagents and equipment. A method blank is a clean sample in a known matrix that has been subjected to the same complete analytical procedure as the submitted samples to determine if contamination has been introduced into the samples during processing. Results of method blank analysis should be less than the reporting limits for each analyte, or less than 5% of the native sample concentration. For toxicity tests, blanks are represented by negative control samples. In this study, filtered seawater from an uncontaminated location will be used in the mussel development test.
Blanks. 12.9 You agree that we may fill in any blanks in this contract and any related document.
Blanks i any city of over 530,000 popula- j ----------- lion, or in the immediate trade! Columbia, July 26.—The South area of such city; nor less than Carolina highway commission DlStriknt^rl S14-50 per week in any city of be-I meeting yesterday morning at the XJ.C1C tween 250,000 and 500,000 popula- State Office building approved »-■" a • tion, or in the immediate trade road work to be done in the near A&nost 50 copies of President area of such city; nor less than future in all the 46 counties of the JBwrevelt’s reemployment agree- ^14 per week 111 any city of be-, state at a cost of $5,060,000, the were distributed to employ- ^ween 2,500 and 250,000 population, amount appropriated to this state by the XxXxxxxxx postoffice or immediate trade area of for road building purposes Satarday. such city; and in towns of less through the public works act pass- ftKtmaster X. X. Xxxxxx, Xx., than 2,500 P0Puiati°n to increase ed a few weeks ago by congress, that there are a few left at wa&6S by not less than 20 per Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx of office and that any person in cent» provided that this shall not Batesburg, one of the commission- jmbc T of one who did not receive r^Tnire wages in excess of $12 per ers, voted “no” when the projects las may call for it. week. were submitted to him for aopro- signed pledges were begin- (6) Not to Pay any employee of val. He explained that he took THAT GIVE MEN WORK • THAT GIVE Remember the roads of 1910? to return to the postoffice t,he classes mentioned in para- Monday. They will be transmitted graph (3) less than 40 cents per to the department of commerce of- llour unless the hourly rate for the JSee in Charleston. A list of those’ 5ame class of work on July 15- 1929> *«ning up here will be prepared at was less than 40 cents per hour, iu that office and sent here for dis- which latter case not to pay les. *Iay in the postoffice lobby. - * than the hourly rate on July 15, The government will supply 1929, and in no event less than 30 abaces and offices signing: one in- cents per hour. It is agreed that toor card, one outdoor card, one this paragraph establishes a guar- famger, five large stickers, ten anteed minimum rate of pay re­ stickers, ten customer stick- gardless of whether the employee and ten customer statements i3 compensated on the basis of a «< cooperation. These will be used time rate or on a yieceworkxper- to Che drive to encourage the pub- formance. fie to patronize only those who I N°t to reduce the compensa- Jnln the mo...
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