Assistance for Sample Clauses

Assistance for. Unit Member shall be provided as needed and shall include a review and analysis of student performance data as part of the Work Improvement Plan (WIP) and as mutually determined between the evaluator and Unit Member. Participation in assistance activities related to the classroom or pupil related matters shall be voluntary on the part of the Unit Member at any time other than those scheduled during the regular workday.
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Assistance for. (i) activities in the Tandjilé area and support to IECD (provided for by UNICEF); (ii) support to PD (provided by WHO/EDM);
Assistance for. (a) special environmental public awareness and education activities in Tbilisi, Batumi and Poti, particularly focused on the Black Sea coast;

Related to Assistance for

  • Distribution Assistance Fees (Asset-Based Sales Charge). Within ten (10) days of the end of each month, the Fund will make payments in the aggregate amount of 0.0625% (0.75% on an annual basis) of the average during the month of the aggregate net asset value of Shares computed as of the close of each business day (the "Asset-Based Sales Charge"). Such Asset-Based Sales Charge payments received from the Fund will compensate the Distributor for providing distribution assistance in connection with the sale of Shares. The distribution assistance services to be rendered by the Distributor in connection with the Shares may include, but shall not be limited to, the following: (i) paying sales commissions to any broker, dealer, bank or other person or entity that sells Shares, and/or paying such persons "Advance Service Fee Payments" (as defined below) in advance of, and/or in amounts greater than, the amount provided for in Section 3(b) of this Agreement; (ii) paying compensation to and expenses of personnel of the Distributor who support distribution of Shares by Recipients; (iii) obtaining financing or providing such financing from its own resources, or from an affiliate, for the interest and other borrowing costs of the Distributor's unreimbursed expenses incurred in rendering distribution assistance and administrative support services to the Fund; and (iv) paying other direct distribution costs, including without limitation the costs of sales literature, advertising and prospectuses (other than those prospectuses furnished to current holders of the Fund's shares ("Shareholders")) and state "blue sky" registration expenses.

  • Assistance and Cooperation After the Closing Date, each of Seller and Purchaser shall:

  • Coronavirus Relief Fund – Rental Assistance Application The Coronavirus Relief Fund – Rental Assistance Application should contain all the necessary information to determine whether a Household is potentially eligible for CRF assistance. In accordance with the provisions of Sections 760.20-760.37, Fla. Stat., it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, familial status, national origin, or handicap in the award application process for Eligible Housing.

  • Payments for Distribution Assistance and Administrative Support Services (a) Payments to the Distributor. In consideration of the payments made by the Fund to the Distributor under this Plan, the Distributor shall provide administrative support services and distribution services to the Fund. Such services include distribution assistance and administrative support services rendered in connection with Shares (1) sold in purchase transactions, (2) issued in exchange for shares of another investment company for which the Distributor serves as distributor or sub-distributor, or (3) issued pursuant to a plan of reorganization to which the Fund is a party. If the Board believes that the Distributor may not be rendering appropriate distribution assistance or administrative support services in connection with the sale of Shares, then the Distributor, at the request of the Board, shall provide the Board with a written report or other information to verify that the Distributor is providing appropriate services in this regard. For such services, the Fund will make the following payments to the Distributor:

  • Assistance Registry Operator will co-­‐operate and provide reasonable assistance to ICANN and the CZDA Provider to facilitate and maintain the efficient access of zone file data by permitted users as contemplated under this Schedule.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Section 1. The Employer agrees to provide to the Union the statistical and program evaluation information provided to management concerning Employee Assistance Program(s).

  • Dependent Care Assistance Program The County offers the option of enrolling in a Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) designed to qualify for tax savings under Section 129 of the Internal Revenue Code, but such savings are not guaranteed. The program allows employees to set aside up to five thousand dollars ($5,000) of annual salary (before taxes) per calendar year to pay for eligible dependent care (child and elder care) expenses. Any unused balance is forfeited and cannot be recovered by the employee.

  • Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Consulting Teachers (CT) will be assigned to all new teachers with no prior teaching experience and tenured teachers rated ineffective on the qualitative measures at the end of the previous school year and recommended by the PAR Panel. Evaluations for Probationary and Ineffective Teachers:

  • Employee Assistance Program A. The State recognizes that alcohol, nicotine, drug abuse, and stress may adversely affect job performance and are treatable conditions. As a means of correcting job performance problems, the State may offer referral to treatment for alcohol, nicotine, drug, and stress related problems such as marital, family, emotional, financial, medical, legal, or other personal problems. The intent of this section is to assist an employee's voluntary efforts to treat alcoholism, nicotine use, or a drug-related or a stress-related problem.

  • School Year That period of time when school is in session as set forth in the school calendar adopted by the Board.