Urban Transport Sample Clauses

Urban Transport. 28. The Participating Municipal Governments shall cooperate with all relevant agencies to promote public transport and NMT and traffic safety provisions for all roads and bridges constructed under the Project, including the provision of public transport and NMT, adequate traffic and safety signages, signal lamps, median separators, traffic control and other necessary facilities. The Participating Municipal Governments shall conduct holistic urban road design with the objective of nurturing public transport and NMT services, and coordinating all agencies concerned to improve utility management along urban roads. The Participating Municipal Governments to ensure that traffic safety education activities are conducted through radio and television broadcast and traffic safety booklets to enhance the local awareness of traffic safety.
Urban Transport. Comprises BC Road widening and overpass in Jammu as follows: (i) widening of BC Road to 6 lane divided configuration with improvement of vertical profile; (ii) 2–lane flyover from Children’s Hospital Junction to Rehari Junction; (iii) provision of pedestrian cum vehicular underpass at Rehari Junction; (iv) provision/improvement of footpaths on both sides of road; (v) provision of new bus-stops (6-8 buses) at Rehari Junction;
Urban Transport. (a) Improvement of ventilation, pumps, escalators and electrical substations of the metro and of metro tracks at selected locations.
Urban Transport. The urban transport improvements aim at decongesting the city- centres, creating better traffic flow through the ULBs and greater road capacity to ensure effective traffic management and transportation provision in the Program ULBs. Investments include (i) development of comprehensive traffic management plans; (ii) construction of new roads and bridges in priority and congested areas in the cities; (iii) development of parking spaces and public transport terminals, based on and as identified by the traffic management plan of the ULBs; and (iv) upgrading of selected roads and pedestrian facilities.
Urban Transport. Rehabilitation and construction of bridges and road over bridges and widening and strengthening of existing roads in the selected ULBs.
Urban Transport. Rehabilitation and construction of bridges and road over bridges in the selected Project ULBs. Part B: Capacity Development and Implementation Support
Urban Transport. Urban areas in Zambia continue to be centres of high economic and social activities attracting higher population, urban sprawl, and high demand for transport services and facilities among others. Some notable characteristics of the big cities, such as Lusaka, include the following:
Urban Transport. Strætisvagnar Reykjavíkur (The Reykjavík Municipal Bus Service). Almenningsvagnar bs. Other Municipal bus services.
Urban Transport