Amount of Interest Sample Clauses

Amount of Interest. In no event shall the total interest contracted for, charged, received or owed pursuant to the terms of this Agreement exceed the amount, which Lenders may lawfully receive. In the event that a court of competent jurisdiction, notwithstanding the provisions of this Section 2.6, shall make a final determination that a Lender has received, charged, collected, or contracted for interest hereunder in excess of the amount which such Lender could lawfully have, to the extent permitted by law, such excess shall promptly be applied only to the obligations owed to such Lender (with interest calculated at the Maximum Lawful Rate if applicable) in the order specified in Section 4.3 (excluding clauses third and fourth), and any excess remaining thereafter shall be refunded to the Borrowers. In determining whether the interest exceeds the Maximum Lawful Rate or the maximum amount which a Lender could lawfully have received, the total amount of interest shall, to the extent allowed by law, be spread over the term of the Loan. Any provisions of this Agreement regarding the time during which interest accrues on Advances are only elements of the formula for calculating interest on the Obligations and are not intended to cause interest to be applied to specific Advances for usury determination purposes.
Amount of Interest. The Recipient agrees that whether the amount due the Federal Government is treated as a Federal claim or is treated as a debt determines how interest is calculated thereon and becomes due. Thus, Recipient agrees to remit interest to the Federal Government in accordance with the following:
Amount of Interest. The Recipient agrees that the method by which interest is calculated depends on which process the Federal Government uses to recover the funds owed. The Recipient therefore understands and agrees to pay the amount of interest to the Federal Government determined as follows:
Amount of Interest. Interest must be claimed within ninety (90) days of the date the late payment was made by the Licensee and the claim must be in the form of a tax invoice. Interest is to be calculated daily for the period after the due date until the date payment is made by the Licensee, at 5% above the ninety (90) day bank bill rate published on 1 June each year. Where an interest penalty period spans 1 June, the rate shall be the rate published in the year the original invoice was issued.
Amount of Interest. The Loans comprising each Borrowing shall bear interest for each Interest Period in effect for such Borrowing at the LIBOR Rate for such Interest Period plus the Applicable Margin; provided that, with respect to any Loan outstanding at the time an increase in interest rate pursuant to clause (b) (Default Interest) below becomes effective, upon the expiration of its Interest Period, such Loan shall thereupon bear interest at the Alternate Rate plus the Applicable Margin with an Interest Period of one (1) month.
Amount of Interest. Amount of Principal Maturity Notation Date Rate Loan Repaid Date Made By ---- ---------- ---------- ------------- ----------- ----------
Amount of Interest. Subject to Convertible Note Condition 2.2(b), each Convertible Note shall bear interest at an annual fixed rate equal to 9.75% per annum. Interest will be payable on the Face Value of each Convertible Note from and including the Financial Close until and including the date of Conversion or Redemption. Interest shall be calculated on the basis of a 360 day year.
Amount of Interest. Any interest due to you under this Section shall be limited to an amount equal to interest on the amount not yet transferred or erroneously transferred funds at the average federal funds rate as published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the close of business on each day the error or delay remains uncorrected.
Amount of Interest. Each Offeree's "Pro Rata Portion" of the Offered Interest shall be determined by multiplying the Offered Interest times a fraction, the numerator of which shall be the amount of the Interest, on a fully diluted basis, then owned by such Offeree and the denominator of which shall be the amount of the Interests, on a fully diluted basis, then owned by all Offerees electing to purchase the Offered Interest pursuant to the Right of First Refusal.
Amount of Interest. The Recipient agrees to remit to TJCOG interest owed as determined in accordance with N.C.G.S. 147-86.23.