Amalgamation or Merger Sample Clauses

Amalgamation or Merger. In the event that the School District is amalgamated regionalized or merges with any body, the Board will attempt to ensure that the new district and/or region will implement the provisions of the Collective Agreement, unless the terms of any Agreement which the merging district and/or region has are superior to the working conditions in the current Collective Agreement. In such case, the Board will attempt to ensure that the conditions of the merging Agreement apply. The Board will also attempt to ensure that the seniority rights of employees will be protected at the time the merger occurs by attempting to ensure that the employees’ seniority is integrated with the employees of the new district or region.
Amalgamation or Merger. 22.1 In view of the Union’s desire that its members not be detrimentally affected by any amalgamation or merger of fire services of the City or any other civic, Federal or Provincial Service with the Fire Services, the City will use its best efforts to keep the Union informed of all discussions or negotiations in which the City participates concerning any such amalgamation or merger, insofar as such discussions or negotiations affect the welfare of members of the Union. However, this Article shall not be construed to require the City to disclose any confidential information.
Amalgamation or Merger. The Employer will endeavour to notify the Union four (4) months in advance of any proposed amalgamation or merger with other agencies.
Amalgamation or Merger. The Corporation acknowledges that if it amalgamates or merges (as applicable) with any other corporation or corporations (a) the term “Corporation”, where used herein shall extend to and include each of the amalgamating or merging corporations and the amalgamated or merged corporation or surviving corporation of such merger, and (b) the term, “Obligations”, where used herein shall extend to and include the Obligations of each of the amalgamating or merging corporations and the amalgamated or merged corporation.
Amalgamation or Merger. 34.1 In the event the Employer may merge or amalgamate with any other body, the Employer shall notify the Union and the affected employees as soon as they are reasonably able, recognizing that such notice may be delayed where confidentiality is initially required.
Amalgamation or Merger. Amalgamate or merge the Property or any of the Borrower's other property with any other adjacent property nor shall the Borrower create any right of way or any other easement on the Property.
Amalgamation or Merger. In the event that School Xxxxxxxx Xx.00 (Stikine) is merged, amalgamated or regionalized, the Board will do all things possible to protect and preserve the rights of each employee under this Agreement.
Amalgamation or Merger. With the written approval of the Partners, the Trustees may amalgamate or merge the Retiree Benefit Plan and Retiree Benefit Fund created by this Agreement with another ELHT provided the Trustees are satisfied that any amalgamation or merger will not have the effect of depriving any Beneficiary of any right to Benefits to which such Beneficiary has become entitled, and that the rights of such Beneficiary under the amalgamated fund and the benefit plan thereunder will, at the effective date of the amalgamation or merger, be substantially equivalent to their rights under this Agreement and the Retiree Benefit Plan. In connection with such amalgamation or merger the Trustees may enter into an amalgamation or merger agreement in a form approved by the Partners to carry out and implement the amalgamation or merger and execute and deliver all such other documents and instruments and do or cause to be done such further acts as may be required to carry out the amalgamation or merger.
Amalgamation or Merger shall bear the meaning ascribed to it in the Companies Act; [LR.14.1(g)]