Allocations of Non-Principal Collections Sample Clauses

Allocations of Non-Principal Collections. The Issuer shall allocate to the Series 2012-1 Noteholders an amount equal to the product of (A) the Allocation Percentage and (B) the aggregate Non-Principal Collections processed on such Date of Processing and shall deposit such amount into the Non-Principal Account; provided, that, with respect to each Monthly Period falling in the Revolving Period (and with respect to that portion of each Monthly Period in the Controlled Accumulation Period falling on or after the day on which Principal Collections equal to the related Controlled Deposit Amount have been allocated pursuant to Section 4.3(b)(ii) and deposited pursuant to Section 4.3(a)), Non-Principal Collections shall be transferred into the Non-Principal Account only until such time as the aggregate amount so deposited equals the sum of the amounts contemplated to be paid or deposited pursuant to Section 4.4(a) on the related Transfer Date or Payment Date (the “Target Amount”); and any Non-Principal Collections allocated to the Series 2012-1 Noteholders but not deposited into the Non-Principal Account due to the operation of this proviso shall be released to the Issuer; provided, further, if on any Transfer Date the Free Equity Amount is less than the Minimum Free Equity Amount after giving effect to all transfers and deposits on that Transfer Date, the Issuer shall, on that Transfer Date, deposit into the Principal Account funds in an amount equal to the amounts of Available Non-Principal Collections that are required to be treated as Available Principal Collections pursuant to Sections 4.4(a)(vi) and (vii) but are not available from funds in the Non-Principal Account as a result of the operation of the preceding proviso.With respect to any Monthly Period when deposits of Non-Principal Collections into the Non-Principal Account are limited to deposits up to the Target Amount in accordance with clause (i) above, notwithstanding such limitation: (1) “Reallocated Principal Collections” for the related Transfer Date shall be calculated as if the full amount of Non-Principal Collections allocated to the Series 2012-1 Noteholders during that Monthly Period had been deposited in the Non-Principal Account and applied on such Transfer Date in accordance with Section 4.4(a); and (2) Non-Principal Collections released to the Issuer pursuant to clause (i) above shall be deemed, for purposes of all calculations under this Indenture Supplement, to have been applied to the items specified in Section 4.4(a) to which...
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