AGREE Sample Clauses

AGREE. 1. We grant you a non-exclusive licence to use the trade marks in relation to our Scheme in accordance with the TrustMark Brand Identity Guidelines, provided that such use is limited to the Stroma Certification certified trade sectors and is subject to this Agreement. Your right to use the trade marks will continue until this Agreement is terminated in accordance with paragraph 4 below.
AGREE. An (unvalued) probe [uφ: ] may enter into Agree with a goal [ψ:ω] (value ω), only if
AGREE. 1. To develop a certification system called "ecosystem friendly" in a first stage, in which only those tuna fisheries in which vessels with Dolphin Mortality Limits (DMLs) operate shall be eligible to receive certification. This does not prevent vessels that operate without DML is from using other types of cer- tification.
AGREE. On the surface, an approach to complementizer agreement based on a syntactic Agree relation along the lines of (Xxxxxxx 2000, 2001) seems intuitive, given that this is an agreement phenomenon.30 If Xxxxx (2008) is on the right track, heads are capable of probing upwards to find a goal for Agree, which would at least in principle allow such an agreement relation where embedded C is the probe and the matrix subject is the goal. That being said, beyond the question of allowing an ‘upward’ agreement relation, there are additional issues for a standard Agree approach. First to be considered is the lack of intervention effects. As row (d) of (96) summarizes, complementizers agree with subjects even in the event that there is an intervening indirect object, or ‘causee’ in a causative verb. On most standard accounts of double object constructions and applicative constructions, the indirect object (i.e. applied object) is structurally higher than the second object, but structurally lower than the subject. For the sake of argument I present Pylkkannen’s (Pylkkänen 2002, 2008) analysis of high applicatives, that the head introducing the indirect object in examples like (108)b above lies below Voiceº and above VP.31
AGREE. 1. To instruct the IATTC Secretariat not to modify the current status of the associated programs and the status of those who have been serving as on-board observers, for which purpose the IATTC regional offices shall be informed that the letter dated 18 July 2019, signed by Mr. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx- rano, is rendered null and void;
AGREE. 3.1 Independently of the Guarantee to indemnify the Company against all damages, claims and losses (including costs) which the Company may suffer or incur as a result of any failure by the Applicant to make due and punctual payments of the moneys detailed in Clause 1 whether or not the liability of the Applicant is or has become void or unenforceable for any reason or whether or not the foregoing guarantee has become void or unenforceable against me/us or any of us for any reason;
AGREE. 1. In consideration of the aforementioned resignation, the releases granted in Section 2 of this Agreement, and the other obligations and covenants agreed by Xxxxxx and his spouse, Grupo Santander will pay to Xx. Xxxxxx as follow: 1 This is an English translation of the original Agreement and General Release (the “Agreement”) entered into between Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Santander BanCorp (the “Company”), Banco Santander Puerto Rico and Santander Overseas Bank, Inc. Pursuant to Rule 306 of Regulation S-T, a signed original of the Agreement has been retained by the Company and will be furnished to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission upon request.
AGREE. (1) To further cooperate in organizing, g and supporting and resourcing a Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) based on the coordination of existing or planned operational and research programmes for observing the global climate system, and the further development of these programmes as required, to ensure continuity of climate observations;