Administration of Justice Sample Clauses

Administration of Justice. 13.6.1 The Parties shall enter into negotiations with a view to concluding an agreement in respect of the administration of Tr'xxxxx Hwëch'in justice provided for in 13.3.17.
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Administration of Justice. 13 .6 .1 The Parties shall enter into negotiations w it h a view to concluding an agreement in respect of the administration of Teslin Tlingit Council just ice provided for in 13.3.17.
Administration of Justice. Penalties 122. Kitselas Law may provide for the imposition of sanctions, including fines, Administrative Penalties, community service, restitution and imprisonment, for the violation of Kitselas Law.
Administration of Justice. “This condition is met if the processing is necessary:
Administration of Justice a) The existing system of administration of civil and criminal justice shall continue.
Administration of Justice. 123. Whilst the plaintiff is undoubtedly concerned by the potential establishment of a MIT and the extent to which ratification of CETA commits the State to a course of action in that regard from which there can be no turning back, it is not actually clear that it alters the constitutional argument significantly. An MIT would likely have a similar structure to and would perform the same functions as the CETA Tribunal, albeit as regards investors from a wider range of countries. The potential effects of the operation of the CETA Tribunal would be magnified in an MIT but they would not be materially different. It seems unlikely that adherence to CETA and the establishment of the CETA Tribunal could be constitutional if adherence to an MIT were to be unconstitutional. Thus, the real question is whether CETA represents an unconstitutional ceding of the State’s judicial power to the CETA Tribunal.
Administration of Justice. A. Authorities
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Administration of Justice. 14. The integrity and efficiency of the judicial function fulfil the task of guaranteeing the rules of social relations, a guarantee which can become operative only if there is security, as manifested in the substantive rights prescribed by law, the fair settlement of disputes, universal respect for procedural norms, the punishment of offenders and reparation for injury.
Administration of Justice. 13.6.1 The Parties shall enter into negotiations with a view to concluding an agreement in respect of the administration of Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation justice provided for in 13.3.17.

Related to Administration of Justice

  • Administration of Agreement All approvals referenced in this Agreement must be obtained from the parties' contract administrators or their designees. All notices must be given to the parties' contract administrators respectively. The OAG's contract administrator is Xxxxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Chief, Bureau of Advocacy and Grants Management. The Provider’s contract administrator will be provided at the time of execution. The parties will provide each other with written notification of any change in its designated representative for this Agreement. Such changes do not require a formal written amendment to this Agreement.

  • Administration of Medication Employees required to administer or apply medication(s) prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner, will be trained at the Employer's expense. Employees who have not received this training will not be permitted to administer such substances.

  • Settlement Administration The Settlement Administrator will conduct a skip trace for the address of all former employee Class Members. The Settlement Administrator will mail the Notice by first class U.S. mail to all Class Members at the address Defendants have on file for those Class Members and to all former employee Class Members at the address resulting from the skip trace. The Notice will inform Class Members that they have until the Response Deadline to either object to the Settlement or to opt-out of the Settlement. Any Class Member who does not receive Notice after the steps outlined above have been taken will still be bound by the Settlement and/or judgment.

  • Agreement Administration SBBC has delegated authority to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee to take any actions necessary to implement and administer this Agreement.

  • Agreement Administration and Communications A. Under this Agreement, either of the representatives of the Judicial Council identified below will monitor the Work and act as the Judicial Council’s liaisons with the Contractor:

  • Administration of the Bank a. The Committee maintains records of employees participating, receives requests, verifies validity, approves, and communicates actions to members and to the District.

  • Administration and Interpretation Any question or dispute regarding the administration or interpretation of the Notice, the Plan or this Agreement shall be submitted by the Grantee or by the Company to the Committee. The resolution of such question or dispute by the Committee shall be final and binding on all persons.

  • Administration and Collection SECTION 6.01.

  • Administration and Collections Section 4.1. Appointment of the Servicer ............................ 11 Section 4.2. Duties of the Servicer ................................. 12 Section 4.3. Lock-Box Arrangements .................................. 13 Section 4.4. Enforcement Rights ..................................... 14 Section 4.5. Responsibilities of the Seller ......................... 14 Section 4.6. Servicing Fee .......................................... 15

  • Grant Administration The District recognizes that Charter Schools are utilizing revenue sources associated with federal and state agency grants. The District is required to be Fiscal Agent on such grants meaning the District is responsible for oversight, approval, review and distribution of funds. These administrative tasks result in the utilization of District resources. In recognition of this, the District is mandating the following.

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