Act of Parliament Sample Clauses

Act of Parliament. Any reference to any ‘Act of Parliament’ includes a reference to amended or replacement legislation and to subordinate legislation made under such Acts of Parliament.
Act of Parliament. Any reference to any ‘Act of Parliament’ includes a reference to amended or replacement legislation and to subordinate legislation made under such Acts of Parliament. The Agreement References to ‘Agreement’ or ‘the Agreement’ are to this Tenancy Agreement. The Check-In Inventory and Schedule of Condition ‘The Check-In Inventory and Schedule of Condition’ or ‘Inventory’ means the document drawn up prior to the commencement of the Tenancy by the Landlord, the Landlord’s Agent or an inventory clerk. Deposit ‘The Deposit’ means any single amount of money paid by the Tenant or a third party to the Landlord or to the Agent under the Tenancy as security against the performance of the Tenant’s obligations under the Tenancy, the discharge of any liabilities, any damage to the Premises and/or non-payment of rent during the Tenancy. The Deposit Holder ‘The Deposit Holder’ as mentioned in the Prescribed Information pages attached to this Agreement, is the person, firm, or company who holds the Deposit and is a member of mydeposits —one of the organisations authorised to register Deposits under the Housing Xxx 0000.
Act of Parliament. Individually each Tenant is also responsible for payment of all rent and all liabilities falling upon the Tenants as well as any breach of the Agreement. xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx The masculine gender includes the feminine gender and any reference to the singular includes a reference to the plural and vice versa. Case Examiner (ICE) ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCY AGREEMENT This agreement is made on the DATEThe landlord”; Between: and “The tenant”; and IT IS AGREED AS FOLLOWS: 1 The Landlord lets to the Tenant the residential premises known as: [[PropertyAddress]] (“the Premises”) 2 The tenancy shall be from and including the [[StartDate]] (“the Commencement Date”) to and including [[Fixed Date]] and thereafter from month to month and until terminated by either party serving a notice on the other in accordance with this Agreement (“the Expiration Date”), “the Term”.
Act of Parliament. No Act or Law passed by the Union Parliament affecting the following provisions shall have legal force in the Nagaland unless specifically applied to a majority vote of the Naga Legislative Assembly:

Related to Act of Parliament

  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Act It is understood that payment of income protection is for the sole and only purpose of protecting employees against the loss of income during time of such illness. Seniority and service will accrue and the Employer shall continue to pay its share of the premium for the benefit plans during the period of the income protection noted in this provision.

  • Drug Free Workplace Act The Contractor will assure a drug-free workplace in accordance with 45 CFR Part 76.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act The Employer, the Union and the employees agree to be bound by the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, S.N.S. 1996, c.7.

  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse If you have concerns about being billed for services you never received, or that your insurance information has been stolen or used by someone else, you may report potential health care fraud, waste or abuse to our Special Investigations Unit by using our confidential anti-fraud hotline at 0-000-000-0000 or by email at You may also send an anonymous letter to us at: Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Special Investigations Xxxx 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx XX, 00000

  • OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH Section 1. The Labor-Management Committee established pursuant to Article XIX shall sit, from time to time, as an Occupational Safety and Health Committee.

  • Health & Safety (a) The Employer and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the Home, in order to prevent injury and illness and abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act as amended from time to time.

  • Safety and Health Committee 43.1 a. A joint State/UUP Safety and Health Committee shall be established consisting of three members appointed by the State and three members appointed by UUP to identify and review safety-related issues affecting employees and to recommend plans for the correction of such matters.

  • OMNIBUS PROCUREMENT ACT OF 1992 It is the policy of New York State to maximize opportunities for the participation of New York State business enterprises, including minority and women-owned business enterprises as bidders, subcontractors and suppliers on its procurement contracts. Information on the availability of New York State subcontractors and suppliers is available from: NYS Department of Economic Development Division for Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000 Telephone: 000-000-0000 Fax: 000-000-0000 email: A directory of certified minority and women-owned business enterprises is available from: NYS Department of Economic Development Division of Minority and Women's Business Development 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 212-803-2414 email: xxxxx:// blic.asp The Omnibus Procurement Act of 1992 requires that by signing this bid proposal or contract, as applicable, Contractors certify that whenever the total bid amount is greater than $1 million:

  • Application of Takeover Protections; Rights Agreement The Company and its board of directors have taken all necessary action, if any, in order to render inapplicable any control share acquisition, business combination, poison pill (including any distribution under a rights agreement) or other similar anti-takeover provision under the Certificate of Incorporation or the laws of the jurisdiction of its formation which is or could become applicable to any Buyer as a result of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, including, without limitation, the Company’s issuance of the Securities and any Buyer’s ownership of the Securities. The Company has not adopted a stockholder rights plan or similar arrangement relating to accumulations of beneficial ownership of Common Stock or a change in control of the Company.