Legislative Assembly Sample Clauses

Legislative Assembly. If successful in election to the above bodies, the teacher shall take leave for the full term of office.
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Legislative Assembly. 21 November 1985

Related to Legislative Assembly

  • LEGISLATIVE APPROVAL 33.01 It is agreed by and between the parties that any provision of this Agreement requiring legislative action to permit its implementation by amendment of law or by providing the additional funds therefore, shall not become effective until the appropriate legislative body has given its approval.

  • Legislative Changes ‌ If the premium paid by the Employer for any employee benefit stipulated in this agreement is reduced as a result of any legislative or other action by the government of British Columbia, the amount of the saving shall be used to increase other benefits available to the employees, as may be mutually agreed to between the parties.

  • LEGISLATIVE CHANGE 1. In this article, “legislation” means any new or amended statute, regulation, Minister’s Order, or Order in Council which arises during the term of the Collective Agreement or subsequent bridging period.

  • LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY Halifax Regional Municipality Charter (HRM Charter), Part VIII, Planning & Development. RECOMMENDATION It is recommended that Halifax and West Community Council:

  • Legislative Leave To the extent authorized by 21 VSA 496, and subject to any conflict of interest or legal barrier as may be determined by the Attorney General, the Hatch Act or any other applicable federal law, state employees shall be entitled to leave of absence in order to serve in the General Assembly. Leave under this situation must be specifically approved in advance by the appointing authority and Commissioner of Human Resources.

  • Legislative Action Section 1. Provisions of this Agreement not requiring legislative funding, or statutory changes, before such provisions can be put into effect, shall be implemented on the effective date of this Agreement or as otherwise specified herein.

  • Fire, Life Safety, and Accessibility Codes The following codes, in the versions approved by the Georgia State Fire Marshal/Fire Safety Commissioner and Department of Human Resources, shall be used. The Design Professional will designate any additional codes or special modifications in the Supplementary General Conditions.

  • Sunshine Ordinance Contractor acknowledges that this Agreement and all records related to its formation, Contractor’s performance of Services, and City’s payment are subject to the California Public Records Act, (California Government Code §6250 et. seq.), and the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance, (San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 67). Such records are subject to public inspection and copying unless exempt from disclosure under federal, state or local law.

  • Authority and Capacity Contractor and Contractor’s signatory each warrant and represent that each has full authority and capacity to enter into this Contract.

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Employee agrees to comply with and submit to any Company program or policy for testing for alcohol abuse or use of drugs and, in the absence of such a program or policy, to submit to such testing as may be required by Company and administered in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

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