Wholesale Establishment definition

Wholesale Establishment means any warehouse or place where goods are exclusively or principally sold for re-sale and/or where goods are sold for consumption and/or use in another business.
Wholesale Establishment means an establishment wholly or partly engaged in wholesale trade and manufacture, wholesale outlets, including related storage facilities, warehouses and establishments engaged in truck transport, including truck transport booking agencies;
Wholesale Establishment means any establishment where wholesale mercantile business is exclusively or principally carried out.

Examples of Wholesale Establishment in a sentence

  • For buildings such as assembly, business, education, hazardous, industrial, institutional, Mercantile Building, High Rise Building, Multi-Level Car Parking Building, Office Building (premises), Special Building, Storage Buildings and Wholesale Establishment, there shall be minimum of two staircases and one of them may be enclosed stairway and the other shall be on the external walls of building and shall open directly to the exterior, interior open space or to any open place of safety.

  • Wholesale Establishment: the sale of commodities to retailers or jobbers and shall include the sale of commodities for the purpose of carrying on any trade or business.

  • Under its paddy purchasing programme, the PMB maintains buffer stocks of rice that it releases to the market in order to stabilize prices whenever supply runs short.39 In addition, the Cooperative Wholesale Establishment (CWE), under the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, is responsible for ensuring the availability of essential consumer items, mainly food, at reasonable prices.

  • Wholesale Establishment 1 space per employee plus 1 space per 800sq ft of patron serving area3.

  • In July 2001 when the domestic rice price increased because of a production shortfall, the government allowed the state agency (the Cooperative Wholesale Establishment, CWE) as well as private traders to import rice duty free, waiving the 35 percent tariff.

More Definitions of Wholesale Establishment

Wholesale Establishment means a building or part thereof used for the selling of goods for delivery from the premises to an industrial, commercial or institutional establishment or organization and may include a showroom and/or display area open to the general public which does not exceed 25% of the premises.
Wholesale Establishment means a facility engaged in selling merchandise to retailers; to industrial, commercial, institutional or professional business users; to other wholesalers; or acting as agents or brokers buying merchandise for, or selling merchandise to, such individuals or companies, and not to the public.
Wholesale Establishment means a building or part thereof used for the storage and sale of quantities of goods, wares, merchandise and materials for resale or commercial / industrial use.
Wholesale Establishment means a building or part of a building used for the selling of goods for delivery from the premises to an industrial, commercial or institutional establishments or organization, and may include a showroom, but does not include a retail store.
Wholesale Establishment a place of business other than a Retail Establishment;
Wholesale Establishment means the use of land or the occupancy of a building or structure, for the purpose of selling or offering for sale goods, wares or merchandise on a wholesale basis and includes the storage or ware- housing of those goods, wares or merchandise.