Establishment Date definition

Establishment Date means the date on which a development area or a local development area is created. If the development area, local development area, development area plan, or local development area plan is modified or amended subsequent to the original establishment date, the modifications or amendments shall not extend the existence of the development area or local development area beyond what would be permitted under KRS 65.7041 to 65.7083 from the original establishment date;
Establishment Date means, in respect of an Issuer, the date set out as such in the related Programme Deed.
Establishment Date means the date on which the Business License of the Company is issued.

Examples of Establishment Date in a sentence

  • Each annual report shall cover the period from July 1 of the preceding year (or if earlier, the Bank Establishment Date for the first annual report) through June 30th of the current year (the “Reporting Period”).

  • Contract Establishment Date: The date, listed in Attachment L, on which the listed existing agreements which are the source of Grandfathered Rights and Grandfathered TCCs were executed.

  • If the Service Establishment Date extends beyond one year from the customer's order date for other reasons, the preceding conversion provisions do not apply and billing for all recurring and nonrecurring charges will be effective with the Service Establishment Date.

  • The Transfer of Credits may begin only upon the Bank Establishment Date.

  • The security for the obligations of the Guarantor under the Covered Bond Guarantee and the other Transaction Documents to which it is a party has been created in and pursuant to, and on the terms set out in security agreements (as amended, restated, supplemented or replaced from time to time, the “Security Agreements”) dated the Programme Establishment Date and made between the Guarantor, the Bond Trustee and certain other Secured Creditors.

More Definitions of Establishment Date

Establishment Date means the date set for the accreditation program under 1VAC30-46 and the certification program to be established under this chapter.
Establishment Date is defined in Section 3.1.
Establishment Date means the date on which the Company is granted the Business Registration Certificate (Enterprise Registration Certificate) for the first time.
Establishment Date means 1st November 1991;
Establishment Date means the date of coming into force of this Order;
Establishment Date means the date appointed by order made under section ten;
Establishment Date means 4th November 1992;