catering establishment definition

catering establishment means any premises used for the retail sale of food or drink for consumption on the premises, where the Council has licensed a site for tables and chairs to be provided for customers' use on the street.
catering establishment means any meal room, dining room, coffee shop, tea shop, or cafeteria, and includes any place, building, or part thereof, in or from which food is sold or served for consumption on the premises or elsewhere.

Examples of catering establishment in a sentence

  • POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENTAICTE/UGC recognized minimum 3 years Diploma/Degree in Hotel Management and Catering with minimum 50% marks or equivalent grade with two years of experience with English as one of the subject/ M.Sc. in Public Health Nutrition / Dietetics / Foods and Nutrition, preferably two years of experience of Food service management in any Catering Establishment /Hospital with in house kitchen for more than 100 beds.

More Definitions of catering establishment

catering establishment means any premises on which is carried out the business of supplying food or drink for consumption on such premises, by persons other than those who reside and are boarded on such premises;
catering establishment means the same as defined in Section 21-10.1.
catering establishment means a catering establishment as described in the First Schedule to the Environmental Public Health Act (Cap. 95);
catering establishment means an establishment where the food and meals are prepared on the premises and such food and meals are delivered to another location for consumption.
catering establishment means a premises or part of a premises pri- marily used for supplying for reward to any persons, not for the time being resident on the premises, food or food and drink, for consump- tion on the premises, including fish and chip shops and ice cream parlours, but excluding
catering establishment means an establishment providing catered meals to eat at planned functions off premises, but which does not provide meals to the general public on a walk-in basis at the premises.