Weighting definition

Weighting means the weight to be applied to each of the Indices comprising the Basket of Indices, as specified in the applicable Issue Terms.
Weighting with respect to an Underlying means the weighting in relation to the relevant Underlying as specified in the table in the definition of such Underlying.
Weighting means the weighting to be applied to each item comprising the Basket of Alternate Currencies as specified in the applicable Confirmation.

Examples of Weighting in a sentence

  • Summary - option appraisal matrix Weighting Weighting:High = x3 Medium = x2 1The Welsh Government’s location strategy identifies an opportunity to withdraw from the QED Treforest office (circa 2020), subject to agreement of the business case.

  • Weighting of the criteria to reflect their relative importance.Step 6.

  • Table 6 Radiation weighting factors Radiation TypeRadiation Weighting FactorX‐rays, gamma rays and beta particles For X‐rays, the radiation weighting factor = 1, therefore the equivalent dose measured in Sieverts, is numerically equal to the radiation absorbed dose, measured in Grays.Effective dose (E) is the sum, over specified tissues, of the products of equivalent dose in a tissue and the tissue weighting factor for that tissue.

  • Performance conditions for LTIP Operating free cash flow70%70%TSR relative to peer group30%30%Metric Weighting Award 2017Vesting 2020Shareholder guidelinesThe Board wishes to encourage individual shareholding in the Company by executives, as a tangible demonstration of their commitment to the Company and to align with shareholders’ interests.

  • Element Weighting Companies that currently offer both Personal and Commercial Lines products will be allocated a target for each product line and will be measured against each target.

More Definitions of Weighting

Weighting means the weight to be applied to each of the Funds comprising the Basket of Funds, as specified in the applicable Issue Terms.
Weighting means the weight to be applied to each of the Fund Shares comprising the Basket of Fund Shares, as specified in the applicable Issue Terms.
Weighting means the factor which, when multiplied by the price of a constituent stock expressed in euro or dollars, as the case may be, determines the contribution to the Index figure made by that constituent stock.
Weighting means, in the case of a Basket and where applicable, the relevant Weighting for an Index or Share specified in the applicable Issue Terms; and
Weighting means, in respect of any Basket Component, the weight specified as the weighting in respect of such Basket Component in the applicable Final Terms.
Weighting or "G" means the percentage of the Basket Component specified as such in the below table;