Water Filtration Plant definition

Water Filtration Plant or “Water Treatment Plant” shall mean any arrangement of devises and structures used for the treatment and/or purification of non-potable or raw water.
Water Filtration Plant means the water filtration plant constructed and operated by the City and located at 0000 Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000, which plant shall treat surface water available to the City from the San Gabriel River (which may include water sourced from the California State Water Project and the Colorado River), and which shall not treat water from any other source, including from the Main Basin.

Examples of Water Filtration Plant in a sentence

  • Under a Consent Decree executed by the District Court of Maryland on April 15, 2016, the Commission is required to undertake short-term operational changes and capital improvements at the Potomac Water Filtration Plant that will enable WSSC to reduce solids discharged to the river, and to plan, design and implement upgrades or new construction to achieve requirements established by MDE and incorporated in a new discharge permit.

  • Potable water production capacity has been increased to meet growth occurring in the service area and this has allowed for the sale of the HMUA’s surface water supply properties and the abandonment of the Water Filtration Plant.

  • The HMUA also owns and operates a small sewage pumping station located at the Water Filtration Plant in Hackettstown.

  • The northern portion of EMWD’s service area is supplied by MWD’s Mills Water Filtration Plant (WFP), while the southeastern portion of EMWD’s service area is supplied by MWD’s Skinner WFP.

  • During 2009, the HMUA completed an Energy Audit of the HMUA’s facilities that included the Water Pollution Control Plant, Water Filtration Plant, Administration Building, Operations Building, Storage Building and Well and Booster Stations.

  • The project consists of the replacement of the existing SCADA System at the Water Filtration Plant.

  • Tom noted that negotiations are in progress with other landfills to accept alum residuals.Motion: Council approval, by motion, of the contract with Secure On-Site Services USA, LLC in the amount of $170,541.00 for residuals removal and disposal at the Allen Water Filtration Plant.

  • Deliveries: As needed with five (5) days’ notice to the Phenix City Water Filtration Plant located at 1100 32nd St., Phenix City, Alabama 36867.

  • Exceptions include but are not limited to the rotating and shift work schedules of the Water Filtration Plant, and the Wastewater Treatment Plants.

  • Deliveries are to be made to the City of Phenix City Water Filtration Plant within 5 days following request for each delivery.

Related to Water Filtration Plant

  • Wastewater treatment plant means a facility designed and constructed to receive, treat, or store waterborne or liquid wastes.

  • Water supply system means the structures, aqueducts, pipes, valves, pumps, meters or other apparatus relating thereto of which the ownership vests in the municipality and which are used or intended to be used by it in connection with the supply of water, and includes any part of the system; and

  • Wastewater System means the entire system of the City for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater within the service area of the City, including but not limited to all facilities, properties, lands, rights, entitlements and other property useful in connection therewith, together with all extensions thereof and improvements thereto at any time acquired, constructed or installed by the City.

  • Water Meter means any apparatus for measuring or showing the volume of water supplied to, or of effluent discharged from any premises;

  • Oxides of nitrogen means the sum of the volume mixing ratio (ppbv) of nitrogen monoxide (nitric oxide) and nitrogen dioxide expressed in units of mass concentration of nitrogen dioxide (µg/m3);

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