Washington Technology Solutions definition

Washington Technology Solutions or “WaTech” shall mean the same as Consolidated Technology Services.
Washington Technology Solutions or “WaTech” shall mean the same as CTS.

Examples of Washington Technology Solutions in a sentence

  • WSP’s point of contact was consulted about security requirements and the onboarding process.- Washington Technology Solutions – JINDEX is a common law enforcement interface with a standard onboarding process occurring every 3-4 months and it is anticipated to require minimal resources from WaTech.

  • This study’ s main limitation lies in the fact that it was conducted with only one company of professional storytellers and specifically revolves around the project developed by them for M9 Museum.Based on the findings, museum managers may be able to choose weather to opt for a narrative approach having had a better understanding of what it means, of which method to implement and of its pros and cons.

  • Business ObjectiveCTS, doing business as, Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) is initiating this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit proposals from prospective vendors interested in providing a managed file transfer solution for the State of Washington.

  • The most widespread type of anaphora is the pronominal anaphora which is realized by anaphoric pronouns (Mitkov 2002).

  • Within the Consolidated Technology Services (also known as Washington Technology Solutions or WaTech) is the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).

  • Comply with Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) security standards and agree to undergo a Security Design Review conducted by Washington Technology Solutions (WATech), if required.

  • Must comply with Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) security standards and agree to undergo a Security Design Review conducted by Washington Technology Solutions.

  • Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) Computer and telecommunication services.

  • Jefferson BuildingOlympia WA 98504-1501RE: Mainframe as a Service Project Readiness Assessment – July 2020Dear Mr. Quimby:Sightline, LLC was contracted by Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) to provide Quality Assurance (QA) services to the Mainframe as a Service (MFaaS) Project.The first major phase of the MFaaS project completed on July 31.

  • While CTS remains the agency’s legal name in statute, CTS rebranded itself as Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) and the agency’s website is watech.wa.gov.For the legal purposes of this procurement, the agency is referred to herein as Consolidated Technology Services, or CTS.

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  • Information Technology Systems means all information technology systems, Software, computers, workstations, databases, routers, hubs, switches, networks and other information technology equipment used or held for use in, or otherwise relating to, the Business.

  • Information Technology means computer hardware, software and networks;

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  • Technology means any and all technical information, specifications, drawings, records, documentation, works of authorship or other creative works, ideas, algorithms, models, databases, ciphers/keys, systems architecture, network protocols, research, development, and manufacturing information, software (including object code and source code), application programming interfaces (APIs), innovations, mask works, logic designs, circuit designs, technical data, processes and methods.

  • SAP Technology Solution(s means SAP NetWeaver Foundation for Third Party Applications, SAP Business Technology Platform (excluding when used solely as a Connectivity App between an SAP Application and ERP), SAP Signavio Solutions and SAP Process Insights (including any renamed, prior and/or successor versions of any of the foregoing made generally available by SAP if any but excluding when any of the foregoing are used as a User Interface for ERP.

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  • Technology Systems means the electronic data processing, information, record keeping, communications, telecommunications, hardware, third party software, networks, peripherals and computer systems, including any outsourced systems and processes, and Intellectual Property used by either party and its Subsidiaries or by a third party.

  • Blockchain technology means the use of a digital database containing records of

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  • Business Systems means all Software, computer hardware (whether general or special purpose), electronic data processing, information, record keeping, communications, telecommunications, networks, interfaces, platforms, servers, peripherals, and computer systems, including any outsourced systems and processes, that are owned or used or held for use in the conduct of the Company Business.

  • Next Michigan development corporation means that term as defined in section 3 of the next Michigan development act, 2010 PA 275, MCL 125.2953.

  • Noncommercial computer software means software that does not qualify as commercial computer software under paragraph (a)(1) of this clause.

  • Innovations means all discoveries, designs, developments, improvements, inventions (whether or not protectable under patent laws), works of authorship, information fixed in any tangible medium of expression (whether or not protectable under copyright laws), trade secrets, know-how, ideas (whether or not protectable under trade secret laws), mask works, trademarks, service marks, trade names and trade dress.

  • Alternative energy technology means equipment, component parts, materials, electronic devices, testing equipment, and related systems that are specifically designed, specifically fabricated, and used primarily for 1 or more of the following:

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  • Computer services means providing services consisting of specifying computer hardware configurations and evaluating technical processing characteristics, computer programming, and training of computer programmers and operators, provided in conjunction with and to support the sale, lease, or operation of taxable computer equipment or systems.

  • Technology License Agreement means the Technology License Agreement dated as of the date hereof between Allergan and ASTI.

  • Information Systems means all computer hardware, databases and data storage systems, computer, data, database and communications networks (other than the Internet), architecture interfaces and firewalls (whether for data, voice, video or other media access, transmission or reception) and other apparatus used to create, store, transmit, exchange or receive information in any form.