Virtual definition

Virtual computer or server means a virtualized computer with separate machine identity (primary computer name or similar unique identifier) or separate administrative rights, and commonly have an operating system and applications running within it. Several virtual computers may concurrently operate on the same physical computer.
Virtual means a proceeding where members participate online or on a computer screen, rather than In-Person during Council and Committee meetings.
Virtual visits with your doctor, when appropriate, via phone or video chat • Coordination of your care with specialists • Wellscape Direct MD will assist you with referrals and any tests not done on-site (Initial) Wellscape Direct MD, LLC Member Effective Date:

Examples of Virtual in a sentence

  • The 50% of the total security deposit shall be refunded to the contractor without any interest on issue of Virtual Completion certificate by the Architect/consultant.

  • State Property includes, but is not limited to: TFC’s office space, identification badges, TFC information technology equipment and networks (e.g., laptops, portable printers, cell phones, iPads, external hard drives, data storage devices, any TFC issued software, and the TFC Virtual Private Network (VPN client)), and any other resources of TFC.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended Life Cycle Support Subscriptions (“Red Hat Enterprise Linux ELS”) is an Add-On subscription to your active, standard Software Subscription per System, Physical Node and/or Virtual Node for certain versions Red Hat Enterprise Linux and consists of limited Software Maintenance and Production Support as set forth at xxxxx://

  • This Subscription is not supported on non-server hardware such as desktops or workstations and is intended for use on a dedicated System, Physical Node, Virtual Node or Virtual Guest; running other applications and/or programs of any type on the System, Physical Node, Virtual Node or Virtual Guest can have a negative impact on the function and/or performance of the Subscription and is not a supported Use Case.

  • Customer may not split a single license between a Physical Machine and a Virtual Machine or Software Container.

More Definitions of Virtual

Virtual means an instructor-led Class delivered remotely over the internet with a browser using Voice Over IP ("VOIP"), or a phone line where VOIP is inoperative.
Virtual visits with your doctor, when appropriate, via phone or video chat.  Enhanced coordination of your care with specialists  Monitoring of your hospital care including involvement in post-discharge planning.  Assistance with scheduling specialist visits and any tests not done on site. Initials: Action Medicine, DPC, PC Effective Date: Member Schedule B Action Medicine, DPC, PC Monthly Membership Fees
Virtual part of virtual assistant means that you can find your VA anywhere in the world! So, let’s begin your quest for the perfect virtual assistant by helping you determine whether to look for an onshore or an offshore VA. For the sake of clarity, let’s take a brief look at what those terms mean.
Virtual means webcasts, teleconferences, videoconferences or similar means of communication where participants can hear and speak to each other, and a person so participating is deemed to be present at that meeting.
Virtual means learning conducted by a live instructor approved by the Program Administrator, and in real time utilizing video conferencing technology.
Virtual credit of 2:30 hours per day will help establish the bid award block hours. Flight Attendants are not paid for “virtual” credit.
Virtual means video conference