VC definition

VC means Vice Chancellor who administers and in the case of the term contracts directs the contract.
VC means the applicable volatility cushion at that time determined by reference to the table headed "Volatility Cushion (%)" appearing at the end of Appendix 2 to the Fitch Criteria (and for such purpose calculating the relevant Weighted Average Life assuming a zero prepayment rate and zero default rate in relation to the mortgages beneficially owned by Party B), if applicable; and

Examples of VC in a sentence

  • Since the AGM will be held through VC / OAVM, the Route Map is not annexed in this Notice.

  • Since this AGM is being held pursuant to the MCA Circulars through VC / OAVM, physical attendance of Members has been dispensed with.

  • Members attending the AGM through VC / OAVM shall be counted for the purpose of reckoning the quorum under Section 103 of the Act.

  • In view of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) has vide its circular dated May 5, 2020 read with circulars dated April 8, 2020 and April 13, 2020 (collectively referred to as “MCA Circulars”) permitted the holding of the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) through VC / OAVM, without the physical presence of the Members at a common venue.

  • Species Leaf phenology Sampling BC P Published papersBignoniaceaeTynanthus cognatus* ± Monthly March (VC) and April (RC)Initial Lima et al.

More Definitions of VC

VC. (Viewing Card) means the smart card approved and duly branded by UCN, which when inserted in the STB, enables the STB to decode the service or portion thereof that the subscriber has sought under the Subscription Request.
VC means the applicable volatility cushion at that time as determined by reference to percentages set out in the relevant table under the section headed "Volatility Cushions" in the Fitch Criteria;
VC means a viewing card essential to access the Channel(s) in conjunction with an IRD.
VC means variable cost.
VC means, the Vice Chancellor, Lingaya‟s University, Faridabad.
VC means the percentage specified in the below table for a weighted average life that is equal to (or closest to) the remaining term of the Transaction;