Variation Order definition

Variation Order means any written order, identified as such issued to the Contractor by the Employer under Sub Clause 31.1.
Variation Order means any written order, identified as such, issued to the Contractor by the Inspection Committee under the Conditions of Contract.
Variation Order means an alteration to the scope of Services in the form of an addition, substitution or omission there-from, as instructed by the Client.

Examples of Variation Order in a sentence

  • Lack of such specification shall be considered as acceptance of Variation Order without impact on Purchase Price or delivery time, and the Variation Order will confirm this.

  • However, If the change in question causes an increase in the project workload, it will be treated as a billable Variation Order.

  • A Variation Order is required to formally change the child maintenance within your Court Order.

  • If any Approvals are required in connection with the additional works the subject of the Contractor Initiated Variation Order, the Superintendent’s approval and instruction can be conditional upon such Approvals being obtained or issued within such time frame as is specified by the Superintendent.

  • The extension or reduction of the time for completion of the Works and the adjustments to the construction programme (including, without limitation, the Date for Completion) (if any) resulting from all Variations directed by the Superintendent under a Principal Initiated Variation Order will be the amended timeframes and construction programme agreed between the Superintendent and the Contractor, or failing agreement, determined by the Superintendent, acting reasonably.

More Definitions of Variation Order

Variation Order means a written direction by the Principal to carry out a Variation in accordance with Clause 29.
Variation Order. : means a change to the Order such as to alter, to amend, to omit, to add to, or otherwise to change the Order or any parts thereof.
Variation Order means any written order, identified as such issued to the Contractor by the Employer.
Variation Order means an instruction of Variation to the Work issued in accordance with clause 5.
Variation Order means a variation order substantially in the form set out in Schedule 2 or as otherwise prescribed by the Bank from time to time, issued and accepted in accordance with Section 4.Unless the context otherwise requires, words denoting the singular shall include the plural and
Variation Order means a variation order under clause 19.1.2.
Variation Order means the serially numbered form issued by the Purchaser to the Supplier in accordance with Chapter 9.