Valuable Documents definition

Valuable Documents means the Cardmember’s passport, identity card, Immigration permit, employment pass, birth certificate, driver’s license or any other documents belonging to the Cardmember issued by any governmental authority of Malaysia or by any governmental, statutory or regulatory authority of the Cardmember’s country of origin.

Examples of Valuable Documents in a sentence

  • The Company shall compensate any damage due to theft of Cash and Valuable Documents, or as a result of the fraudulent use of bank cards, during a Leisure Travel up to a maximum of EUR 2,500 per Insured Person.

  • Robbery or theft of Your Valuable Documents (must be supported by a police report).

  • A 1.1 M€ bid was submitted through the European Investment Bank programme called ELENA (energy efficiency)for technical assistance in order to foster EV implementation (legal aspects, business models, etc.).

  • California banned textileswhich PFAS belong, at its manufacturing and cosmetics with PFAS, for example.

  • A1.2 If any of Your Cards and/or Valuable Documents that are with You are lost or stolen while You are away from Home, We will assist You to arrange for emergency replacement of the same.

  • Lump sum payment up to $500 per covered person to replace Your Personal Effects, Cash, Valuable Documents and Wallet when force or violence is used or threatened to deprive You of Your Personal Effects, Cash, Valuable Documents or Wallet, as a result of Wallet Theft.Excess applicable to Wallet Guard10% of the claimable amount will be deducted for each and every claim.

  • If during the Period of Insurance the Cardmember sustains any loss of or damage to Personal Effects, Cash, Valuable Documents and Wallet as a result of Wallet Theft, We will pay him/her the Wallet Guard Benefit stated in the table below.

  • All negroes found at work on these days are to be confiscated.’: Benjamin Franklin French, Historical Collections of Louisiana: Embracing Translations of Many Rare and Valuable Documents Relating to the Natural, Civil, and Political History of that State (New York: D.

  • Services and assistance that We will provide to You if You lose Your Card and/or Valuable Documents A1.1 When You report a Card Loss to Us, We will contact the Issuer and ask them to cancel / suspend the Card.

  • Delay due to Theft of Valuable Documents The Insurance Company will pay, against receipts, up to the maximum amount shown in the Schedule of Coverage for reasonable accommodations, meal and local transportation expenses incurred by You if You are delayed for 8 hours or more while in route to or from, or during an EF Tour, due to the theft of Valuable Documents.

Related to Valuable Documents

  • Sale Documents means this Agreement, the Fee Agreement, the Exhibits hereto to which the Seller is a party and all other certificates, instruments, agreements and documents executed from time to time by the Seller in connection with the transactions contemplated in this Agreement.

  • Title Documents shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.1.

  • Seller Agreements means the Sale and Servicing Agreement, the Purchase Agreement, the Trust Agreement, [the Insurance Agreement, the Indemnification Agreement] and this Agreement. The Notes are being purchased by the Underwriters named in Schedule 1 hereto, and the Underwriters are purchasing, severally, only the Notes set forth opposite their names in Schedule 1, except that the amounts purchased by the Underwriters may change in accordance with Section 10 of this Agreement. [Name of representative of underwriters] is acting as representative of the Underwriters and in such capacity, is hereinafter referred to as the "Representative." The offering of the Notes will be made by the Underwriters and the Companies understand that the Underwriters propose to make a public offering of the Notes for settlement on _____________, 20__ as the Underwriters deem advisable. The Certificate will be retained by the Seller. Defined terms used herein shall have their respective meanings as set forth in the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

  • Business Agreements has the meaning specified in Section 5.15.

  • Company Material Contracts has the meaning set forth in Section 3.18(a).

  • Lockbox Agreements means collectively, the Lockbox Account Agreement and the Lockbox Processing Agreement.

  • L/C Documents means the Letters of Credit, any draft or other document presented in connection with a drawing thereunder, the Applications and this Agreement.

  • Public Documents As defined in Section 4.02(a) of this Agreement.

  • Indenture Documents means (a) the Indenture, the Notes, the Security Documents and this Agreement and (b) any other related documents or instruments executed and delivered pursuant to the Indenture or any Security Document, in each case, as such agreements may be amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.

  • Assigned Agreements means all agreements and contracts to which such Grantor is a party as of the date hereof, or to which such Grantor becomes a party after the date hereof, including, without limitation, each Material Contract, as each such agreement may be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.

  • Receivables Documents means all documentation relating to any Permitted Accounts Receivable Securitization.

  • Commercial Agreements means all or any Agreement or Agreements with any third party including but not limited to broadcasting, media, sponsorship, marketing, merchandising, licensing and advertising, for the general promotion of each or any of the Clubs in the Competition and the Company, and which have the object of promoting the welfare and general commercial interest and increasing the financial resources of each of the Clubs, the Company and the Competition.

  • Material Contracts has the meaning set forth in Section 3.09(a).

  • Seller’s Closing Documents as defined in Section 3.2(a).

  • VIE Agreements means the Exclusive Service Agreement, the Exclusive Call Option Agreement, the Shareholder Voting Rights Proxy Agreement and the Equity Pledge Agreement entered into by and among Party A, Party B and Party C, including any supplemental agreements or amendments to such agreements, and any other agreements, contracts or legal documents executed or issued by one or more Parties from time to time to ensure the performance of the aforesaid agreements, signed or accepted by Party A in writing.

  • UCC Financing Statements means collectively the Lender Financing Statements and the Lessor Financing Statements.

  • Disclosure Documents is defined in Section 5.3.

  • Investment Agreements or “Flow-Through Agreements” means written agreements pursuant to which the Partnership will subscribe for Flow-Through Shares (including Flow-Through Shares issued as part of a unit) or agreements by the Partnership to otherwise invest in or purchase securities of a Resource Issuer, and in respect of Flow-Through Shares comprised of units, the Resource Issuer will covenant and agree:

  • Bid Documents means all the documents issued by the Chief Procurement Officer, or referenced by the Chief Procurement Officer as being available on the City's website and incorporated by such reference, in connection with an invitation for bids or proposals. Except for such Bid Documents as are posted on the City's website and incorporated by reference, all Bid Documents must be submitted by a bidder on the Bid Opening Date.

  • Related Documents mean and include without limitation all promissory notes, credit agreements, loan agreements, environmental agreements, guaranties, security agreements, mortgages, deeds of trust, and all other instruments, agreements and documents, whether now or hereafter existing, executed in connection with the Indebtedness.

  • Financing Statements The meaning specified in Section 9-102(a)(39) of the UCC.

  • Financial Contracts means any arrangement that:

  • Company IP Agreements means all licenses, sublicenses, consent to use agreements, settlements, coexistence agreements, covenants not to xxx, permissions and other Contracts (including any right to receive or obligation to pay royalties or any other consideration), whether written or oral, relating to Intellectual Property to which the Company is a party, beneficiary or otherwise bound.

  • Settlement Agreements means any settlement reached in the U.S. Litigation with any of the Settling Defendants.

  • Acquisition Agreements means the Nexstar Acquisition Agreement and the Mission Acquisition Agreement, and “Acquisition Agreement” means the applicable agreement in the context used.

  • RFP Documents means the following documents to be entered into by the parties to the respective agreements in connection with the supply of power: