Cardholder Account definition

Cardholder Account is the account of a Cardholder as represented by a Card.
Cardholder Account means an arrangement between an individual or an Entity and Client, which provides that the individual or Entity may use one or more Transaction Cards issued through Client.
Cardholder Account means an account established by the Customer under a Customer Account, in the name of a Cardholder and in conjunction with the issuance of a Card, to which Debt may be charged. Only one (1) Card can be issued on any Cardholder Account.

Examples of Cardholder Account in a sentence

  • Merchant shall render all materials containing Cardholder Account Numbers unreadable prior to discarding.

  • The Cardholder Account will not be considered as closed until the Cardholder has paid all such due amounts.

  • Merchant must immediately notify Merchant Bank and Processor of any suspected or confirmed loss or theft of materials or records that contain Cardholder Account Numbers or Card Transaction information.

  • Merchant shall render all materials containing Cardholder Account numbers unreadable prior to discarding.

  • SBICPSL may also restrict, terminate or suspend the use of The Cardholder Account at any time without prior notice if SBICPSL reasonably believe it necessary for business or security reasons and/ Or at the request of any law enforcement agency, and/or any government authority and/or under the laws & regulations which apply to SBICPSL & its customer.

More Definitions of Cardholder Account

Cardholder Account means an account for each of the Card and Virtual Card issued by the Bank;
Cardholder Account means the FNB Credit Card Account Holder credit card account opened by FNB’s Credit Card Division in the name of the FNB Credit Card Account Holder and the cardholder, which account is linked to the FNB Credit Card Account Holder control account.
Cardholder Account means the account established by us for a Cardholder for the purpose of executing and recording Charges.
Cardholder Account means an arrangement between a person and an Issuing Member which provides that the person may use one or more Charge Cards issued by such Issuing Member.
Cardholder Account means (i) the prepaid account which is associated with a Card, and includes the record of debits and credits with respect to Transactions originated by a Cardholder as detailed on the Processor’s Network, and (ii) such other accounts for Additional Products.
Cardholder Account has the meaning set forth in Section 4.4.
Cardholder Account means all indebtedness outstanding for Loans and Purchases made by a Cardholder and recorded by Bank by means of a unique account number assigned to a Card.