US Agent definition

US Agent means a person (as de- fined in section 201(e) of the act (21U.S.C. 321(e))) residing or maintaining a place of business in the United States whom a foreign facility designates as its agent for purposes of this subpart. AU.S. agent cannot be in the form of a mailbox, answering machine or service, or other place where an individual act- ing as the foreign facility’s agent is not physically present.
US Agent means Comerica, in its capacity as administrative agent for the US Lenders hereunder, and any successor administrative agent.
US Agent shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the heading hereof, together with any successors or assigns.

Examples of US Agent in a sentence

  • The Borrower promises to pay to the Global Agent or the U.S. Agent, as applicable, for the account of the Term Loan Lenders, in accordance with their respective Applicable Percentages, all amounts due under the Term Loan on the Maturity Date applicable to the Term Loan or such earlier date as is required hereunder.

  • It is understood and agreed that the use of the term “agent” herein or in any other Loan Documents (or any other similar term) with reference to the Global Agent or the U.S. Agent is not intended to connote any fiduciary or other implied (or express) obligations arising under agency doctrine of any applicable Law.

  • Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, no Lender holding a title listed on the cover page hereof shall have any powers, duties or responsibilities under this Agreement or any of the other Loan Documents, except in its capacity, as applicable, as the Global Agent, U.S. Agent, a Lender or an L/C Issuer hereunder.

  • DESSENS, supra note 5, at 24-28.and U.S. Agent to investigate land claims in the eastern district of the Territory (1805).

  • The provisions of this Article IX are solely for the benefit of the Global Agent, the U.S. Agent, the Lenders and the L/C Issuers, and the Borrower shall not have rights as a third party beneficiary of any of such provisions.

More Definitions of US Agent

US Agent has the meaning specified therefor in the preamble to the Agreement.
US Agent or “Canadian Agentthe terms “agent”, “Agent”, “US Agent”, “Canadian Agent” and “collateral agent” and similar terms in any Loan Document to refer to the Appropriate Agent, which terms are used for title purposes only, (ii) is not assuming any obligation under any Loan Document other than as expressly set forth therein or any role as agent, fiduciary or trustee of or for any Lender, L/C Issuer or any other Person and (iii) shall have no implied functions, responsibilities, duties, obligations or other liabilities under any Loan Document, and each Secured Party, by accepting the benefits of the Loan Documents, hereby waives and agrees not to assert any claim against any Agent based on the roles, duties and legal relationships expressly disclaimed in clauses (i) through (iii) above.
US Agent shall have the meaning set forth in the Credit Agreement.
US Agent shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble.