Unvested Units definition

Unvested Units means those Units listed as unvested Units in the books and records of the Partnership, as the same may be amended from time to time in accordance with this Agreement.
Unvested Units means any Executive Units which are not Vested Units.
Unvested Units has the meaning assigned to such term in the LLC Agreement.

Examples of Unvested Units in a sentence

  • On or after the Vesting Termination Date, the Company shall have the option, at its sole election, to repurchase all or any portion of the Unvested Units that have ceased to be subject to vesting pursuant to Section 3.02, at a price per Unvested Unit price of $0.00001 per Unvested Unit, subject to normal adjustments for stock splits, combinations, or recapitalizations, as determined in good faith by the Manager.

  • Such Repurchase Notice shall identify the number of Unvested Units to be repurchased, the aggregate repurchase price of the Unvested Units to be repurchased, the time, place and date for settlement of such purchase (which shall be scheduled by the Company at its sole discretion, but in no event less than 10 days from the date of the Repurchase Notice).

More Definitions of Unvested Units

Unvested Units means, as of the date of any determination, with respect to the Equity Units held by a Management Member, the number of such Equity Units equal to the product of (i) the total number of such Equity Units times (ii) the percentage equal to 100% less the Applicable Percentage.
Unvested Units are defined in Section 3.
Unvested Units means those Units from time to time listed as unvested Units in the books and records of the Company.
Unvested Units shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(b).
Unvested Units means those Units that have not vested in accordance with their terms.
Unvested Units means the Units (as defined in the Restricted Unit Agreement) issued under this Agreement for as long as such Units are subject to the Restrictions (as hereinafter defined) imposed by this Agreement.
Unvested Units means the number of such Units that are subject to any vesting, forfeiture or similar arrangement under this Agreement and have not become Vested Units.