Underlying Value definition

Underlying Value means, with respect to a Range Accrual Day, as applicable the rate of the Underlying on that Range Accrual Day as determined by the Calculation Agent. For the avoidance of doubt, the Underlying Value may have a positive value, negative value or may be equal to zero (0).
Underlying Value means, with respect to any particular Index Future, at the time of valuation, the product of (i) the exchange reported closing price for the day such valuation is calculated (or, if such exchange reported closing price is not available (due to an intra-day valuation or otherwise), the current bid price) of such Index Future as quoted on the applicable exchange; and (ii) the applicable multiplier (as defined by the exchange on which such Index Future is listed) for such Index Future.
Underlying Value means, in respect of a Bond in the principal amount of U.S.$1,000, an amount calculated as follows:UV = (PA / CP) x (TAC / NS)Where:

Examples of Underlying Value in a sentence

  • Subleading jets are defined to have pT > 15 GeV and η < 3.0. In events with more than one jet we additionally require the fraction of transverse momentum carried by the second jet compared to the Z mo-mentum, α = pjet2/pZ, to be lower than 0.3 to guarantee the balance between the Z and theT Tleading jet.We use generator information to separate the Z+jets sample in two subsamples according to the parton (gluon or light quark, c quark, and b quark) from which the leading jet originates.

  • At no time shall the Initial Deposit be included in the calculation of the Per Share Underlying Value of the Up-MACRO Tradeable Shares or any other calculation performed at any time pursuant to Article 4 or Article 8 of this Trust Agreement.

  • The trustee will not enter into any amendment or modification which would alter the status of the Down MACRO Tradeable Trust as a grantor trust for federal income tax purposes or cause any of the MACRO Trusts to be required to register as an investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, or to be regulated as a commodity pool under the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended, or which would change the calculation of the Underlying Value.

  • Commission: [●] EUR; Costs: There are no additional costs of subscription; Exercise Date: Date during the Exercise Period on which the Warrants are exercised; Exercise Period: Each business day on which commercial banks in Belgium are open for business from [●] until and including the Maturity Date; Exercise: Delivery of the Underlying Value against payment of the Strike Price.

  • The amendments referred to in (D) above have been made to correct typographical errors in the definitions of Delta One Div Multi Valuet, Delta One Div Mono Valuet and certain Delta One Div Multi Underlying Value Definitions and Delta One Div Mono Underlying Value Definitions.

More Definitions of Underlying Value

Underlying Value means the Index Level of the Index as of the Valuation Time.
Underlying Value means an amount (which shall be deemed to be a monetary value in the Settlement Currency) equal to the price of the Underlying as calculated and published once a day by the Index Calculator on every Business Day on Bloomberg page LLBZIS Index or (if, in the determination of the Calculation Agent, no such price can be determined and no Market Disruption Event has occurred and is continuing) an amount determined by the Calculation Agent as its good faith estimate of the value of the Underlying on such date having regard to the then prevailing market conditions, the last reported trading prices of the Underlying Reference Assets and such other factors as the Calculation Agent determines relevant;
Underlying Value means the value of the Underlying determined by the Calculation Agent during the relevant period or date specified in the relevant Final Terms, which may be equal to:
Underlying Value means an amount, as determined by the Calculation Agent on each Trading Day in accordance with the following formula:UVt = EUR100 * CLIt /CLI0 – RC(t)where: CLIt = The Reference Price on Trading Day t or, if there is a Market Disruption Event on such day, the level as determined as if such Trading Day was a Valuation Date, as specified belowCLI0 = The Reference Price on the Launch Date or, if there is a Market Disruption Event on such day, the level as determined as if such Trading Day was a Valuation Date, as specified belowRCt = Rolling Costs (which shall be deemed to be an amount in the Settlement Currency) from the Launch Date up to (and including) Trading Day t;
Underlying Value means the price a third-party who is active in the Energy market would transact (sell or purchase as applicable) for Energy and related services in a commercially reasonable manner.
Underlying Value means, in respect of any day, the value of the Underlying (as defined in paragraph 6.5.1 below).