Definition of TTR Development Plan

TTR Development Plan means the Development plan attached to this Amendment as ATTACHMENT 1, as may be amended from time to time pursuant to Section 7 of this Amendment.

Examples of TTR Development Plan in a sentence

The TTR Cardiomyopathy Development Plan is incorporated into and made an integral part of the TTR Development Plan for the overall TTR Program.
Alnylam shall bear all costs (including any Third Party costs incurred by Genzyme) associated with Genzyme performing the Execution Activities assigned to it under the Transition Plan.2.3Global TTR Development Plan.
The Parties have mutually agreed to a clinical study design for the Phase 2 PoC Trial (as defined hereinafter) for the TTR Program that is reflected in the TTR Development Plan and further described in the other TTR Registration-Directed Program Documents.
During the Term, Alnylam shall update the Global TTR Development Plan annually and shall provide such updated Global TTR Development Plan to the AJSC.
The AJSC shall review and comment on each Global TTR Development Plan submitted to it by Alnylam and Alnylam shall consider the AJSC’s comments; provided, however, that Alnylam will have sole discretion and control over the contents of such Global TTR Development Plan.