Trial court definition

Trial court means the court or agency from which an appeal or judicial review is taken.
Trial court means the District Court of Maryland and a circuit court, even when the circuit court is acting in an appellate capacity.
Trial court means the magistrate, municipal or district court that tries the case concerning an alleged violation of a provision of the Motor Vehicle Code;

Examples of Trial court in a sentence

  • Trial court judicial officers preside over all criminal and civil cases, as well as appeals from administrative proceedings.

  • Clark (1971) 17 Cal.App.3d 890).1819 Trial court unification did not change this rule: after as before unification, “Appeals in felony cases lie to20 the [C]ourt of [A]ppeal, regardless of whether the appeal is from the superior court, the municipal court,21 or the action of a magistrate.

  • As the trial court noted, "the County does not cite any case law which holds that a deed containing an exception or reservation of mineral rights on behalf of a stranger to the title operated to convey to the grantee these mineral rights that were excepted and reserved." Trial court slip op.

  • In some cases, a probationer who has not reported for initial supervision within the seventy-two (72) hours from his receipt of the Probation Order or within the prescribed period ordered by the Trial Court or whose whereabouts could not be ascertained notwithstanding best efforts exerted within a reasonable period of time by the City and Provincial Parole and Probation Office shall be immediately reported to the Trial court for appropriate action.

More Definitions of Trial court

Trial court means the judge of the court in which a case is filed or assigned.
Trial court means the court in which a case is filed.
Trial court means the court where the pending charge was filed.
Trial court means the district, probate, or municipal court from which the “appeal” is taken.
Trial court means a court which by law has jurisdiction over an offense charged in an accusatory instrument and has authority to accept a plea thereto, or try, hear or otherwise dispose of a criminal ac- tion based on the accusatory instrument.
Trial court has the meaning set forth in Section 10.4.4(b).
Trial court means the Trial Court of the Oneida Nation Judiciary, which is the judicial system that was established by Oneida General Tribal Council resolution GTC-01- 07-13-B, and then later authorized to administer the judicial authorities and responsibilities of the Nation by Oneida General Tribal Council resolution GTC-03-19-17-A.