Appellate court definition

Appellate court means the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, or both, as appropriate.
Appellate court means the Court of Appeals or the Court of Special Appeals, whichever the context requires.
Appellate court means the supreme court under ch. 751 or the court of appeals under ch. 752.

Examples of Appellate court in a sentence

  • Manoj Popet, learned advocate for the respondents contended that there is absolutely no evidence in favour of the appellant which requires to be considered by this appellate Court by exercising powers under Section 96 of the Code.

  • The appellate Court may disturb the trial court’s order only upon an error of law or an abuse of discretion.

  • During 2020 the Group had determined that it was appropriate to release provisions when first and appellate Court rulings have been received in respect of the 2015 cases (on its merits) in the Group's favour.

  • The lower appellate Court held that the plaintiff was not in possession when defendants 1 and 2 were put in possession, that the mortgage of 1911 was time barred at the date of Janki Prasad's suit which was instituted in December 1926, that defendants 1 and 2 had a right to hold up as a shield their prior mortgage of 1911, although it wag time barred, because as a matter of fact, defendants 1 and 2 were in possession, and that the plaintiff was entitled to redeem half of the property mortgaged in 1911.

  • The lower appellate Court has given the plaintiff a decree for possession on payment of half the mortgage money due to the prior mortgagees.

More Definitions of Appellate court

Appellate court means the Court of Appeal or the Divisional Court, as the circumstances require; (“tribunal d’appel”)
Appellate court means the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia exercising its appellate jurisdiction pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 158.
Appellate court means a court to which an appeal lies;
Appellate court means the Native Appellate Court consti-
Appellate court means any court when exercising its appellate criminal jurisdiction;
Appellate court means a court, which reviews cases upon the appeal;
Appellate court means a court to which an appeal is made under the provisions of this Part;