Thereon definition

Thereon means “on that.” See https://www.merriam-; see also Black’s Law Dictionary (10th ed. 2014) (defining “thereon” as “[o]n that or them”). Applying this plain meaning to the “free useclause in the Anderson and Pritchett Trustslease, it seems the clause requires that the use of gasfound on said land” be for operations “on that” land. But in Lyons, the Court relied on Bice v. Petro-Hunt, L.L.C., 768 N.W.2d 496 (N.D. 2009), a decision from

Examples of Thereon in a sentence

August 15, 2018 500,000 August 15, 2018 donation 500,000 Add: January 2018 donation 2,000,000 March 2018 donation 1,000,000 Less: Exempt Gift (250,000) Total 3,250,000 Tax Due Thereon 195,000 Less: Tax due/paid on Jan./March donation 165,000 Tax due/payable on the August donation 30,000 SEC.

March 30, 2018 1,000,000 March 30, 2018 donation 1,000,000 Add: January 30, 2018 donation 2,000,000 Less: Exempt Gift (250,000) Total 2,750,000 Tax Due Thereon 165,000 Less: Tax due/paid on January donation 105,000 Tax due/payable on the March donation 60,000 3.

The Supplier further agrees to protect and keep THE COMPANY safe and harmless against all taxes and related fines, penalties and interest Thereon assessed or levied against or on account of wages, salaries or other benefits paid to personnel and all taxes assessed or levied against or on account of any property or equipment of the Supplier or the sub suppliers.

Thereon, the Accepting Authority shall give his written instructions or decision within a period of two months from the receipt of the contractor's letter.

Information Other than the Financial Statements and Auditors’ Report Thereon The Directors of the Company are responsible for the other information.