Underground mine definition

Underground mine means a mine where the coal lays at a sufficient depth below the earth’s surface that is not practical for a surface mine. Also known as a “deep” or “drift” mine. An underground mine’s coal is typically removed mechanically and transferred by shuttle car and/or conveyor to a surface location.
Underground mine means the below-surface mine workings within which ore and waste rock are removed.
Underground mine means subterranean workings for the purpose of obtaining a desired material or materials.

Examples of Underground mine in a sentence

  • Golden Star also has a 90% interest in the Prestea Underground mine in Ghana.

  • These reports may include, but shall not be limited to, information concerning the location of the mine site, types of material mined, thickness and types of overburden materials, area of land disturbed during the report year, area of land reclaimed during the report year, as well as any other pertinent information concerning the mining operation and deemed necessary by the division.60.70(2) Underground mine maps.

  • The Contractor must visit the site of work (after obtaining prior permission for visiting the Underground mine) to fully understand the nature and scope of work involved, before submitting his tender.

  • The new Dak Sa Underground mine (VN320) contains proven and probable reserves and was brought into commercial production on October 1, 2009.

  • Finance income and expense includes the following components: On February 1, 2018, Prestea Underground mine achieved commercial production, therefore no capitalized interest was recorded since.

More Definitions of Underground mine

Underground mine means the Prestea underground mining operation; and
Underground mine means a mine that is not a surface mine and includes any work, undertaking or facility used in connection therewith; (“mine souterraine”)
Underground mine means an area where minerals are extracted from beneath the surface of the ground by means of an adit, shaft, tunnel, de- cline, portal, bore hole, drill hole for solution mining, or such other means of access beneath the surface of the ground, other than a pit.
Underground mine means the Xxxx Xxxxx and Eastern Deeps mines located within the Properties.
Underground mine means any subterranean excavation for minerals or ores having a roof of undisturbed rock (as opposed to open-pit excavations).
Underground mine means a mine other than a surface mine.
Underground mine means any mine that may be developed on an underground portion of the Property;