Definition of Term B-3 Loans

Term B-3 Loans means the New Term Loans made by the New Term Loan Lenders to the Borrower pursuant to a Joinder Agreement dated as of April 10, 2012.
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Examples of Term B-3 Loans in a sentence

On the Escrow Release Date, the proceeds from the Term B-3 Loans and Term B-4 Loans will be used to finance a portion of the Transactions (it being understood that the proceeds of the initial Term B-3 Loans and Term B-4 Loans were deposited into the Escrow Account on the Restatement Effective Date and will be released from the Escrow Account on the Escrow Release Date).
Pursuant to Section 2.26 of the Credit Agreement, the Additional Term B-3 Loans shall have the terms set forth in this Amendment and in the Credit Agreement (as amended by this Amendment).
Each Term B-3 Lender hereby consents to (i) an Interest Period beginning on the Amendment No. 4 Effective Date and ending on December 31, 2013 in respect of the Eurocurrency Borrowing incurred on the Amendment No. 4 Effective Date under the Term B-3 Loans (the Initial Term B-3 Borrowing) and (ii) receipt of the notice of Borrowing in respect of the Initial Term B-3 Borrowing on the Amendment No. 4 Effective Date.
The Term B-3 Loans may from time to time be LIBO Rate Loans or Base Rate Loans, as determined by the Borrower and notified to the Administrative Agent in accordance with Sections 2.13 of the Credit Agreement.
As set forth in Section 2.18(b) of the Credit Agreement, optional prepayments of any Term B-3 Loans shall be applied to the remaining installments of the Term B-3 Facility as specified by the Borrower.