Definition of Term B-3 Loan

Term B-3 Loan means, collectively: (i) each Exchanged Term Loan and (ii) from and after the making thereof pursuant to Section 2.01(d)(ii), each Additional Term B-3 Loan. For the avoidance of doubt, the Term B-3 Loans constitute Refinancing Term Loans.

Examples of Term B-3 Loan in a sentence

A) On the Restatement Effective Date, in accordance with, and upon the terms and conditions set forth in, the Amendment Agreement, the Existing Term B-1 Loans of each Extending Term B-3 Lender outstanding on such date were automatically reclassified on such date as Term B-3 Loans of such Lender in the principal amount equal to such Extending Term B-3 Lenders Term B-3 Loan Amount.
Each New 2017 Replacement Term B-3 Lenders 2017 Replacement Term B-3 Loan Commitment shall terminate immediately and without further action on the Amendment No.
Once designated a Term B-1 Loan, Term B-2 Loan or Term B-3 Loan or Delayed Draw Term B Commitment, as applicable, the portion of the Term B Loan or Commitment, as applicable, so designated shall maintain such designation until the applicable Term B Loan has been repaid in full or the applicable Commitment expires or is terminated, in each case, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement regardless of the holder thereof.
Additional Term B-3 Lenders means, at any time, any Lender that has an Additional Term B-3 Commitment or an outstanding Additional Term B-3 Loan at such time.
Effective as of the Eighth Amendment Effective Date, Section 2.28 of the Credit Agreement shall be amended and restated in its entirety as follows: Section 2.28 Term B-3 Loan Repricing Transaction.