Definition of Tenant's Improvement

Tenant's Improvement means any improvement properly carried out by a Tenant to a Rented Dwelling or by a Leaseholder to a Leaseholder Dwelling whether before or after the Services Commencement Date;
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Examples of Tenant's Improvement in a sentence

Possession and Commencement Date 4Landlord shall endeavor to tender possession of the Demised Premises to Tenant on or before one hundred eighty (180) days from the date this Lease is executed by both parties (the "Target Term Commencement Date"), with Landlord's Work (as defined in Exhibit "B" attached hereto (the "Work Letter")), and Tenant's Improvement Work (as defined in the Work Letter) Substantially Completed (as such in the Work Letter).
The Tenant Improvement Allowance and Tenant's Improvement Contribution are herein collectively referred to as the "Tenant Improvement Fund".
Landlords determination of substantial completion of the restoration of the Premises (excluding Tenants Improvement, Betterments, Fixtures and Tenants Property the repair of which shall be Tenants obligation), shall be controlling unless Tenant disputes same by notice to Landlord within thirty (30) days after such determination by Landlord, and pending resolution of such dispute, Tenant shall pay Rent in accordance with Landlords determination.
Landlord shall cause the Tenant's Improvement Work in the Premises to be constructed substantially in accordance with the Tenant's Improvement Plans and the Work Letter.
Tenant shall have the right to add to or access the water systems for the Building and to provide supplemental water systems to service the Premises in accordance with Tenant's Improvement Plans approved by Landlord.