Definition of Tenants Estoppel Certificate

Tenants Estoppel Certificate means the tenant estoppel certificate Tenant is required to provide to Landlord pursuant to the provisions of Section 28 herein which shall be substantially in the form of the Pre-Approved Tenant Estoppel Certificate attached hereto as Exhibit C.
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Examples of Tenants Estoppel Certificate in a sentence

That the information contained in this Tenant's Estoppel Certificate is true and correct as of the date above written.
Exhibit E Form of Tenants Estoppel Certificate ARTICLE 1 PREMISES, BUILDING, PROJECT, AND COMMON AREAS 1.1 Premises, Building, Project and Common Areas.
Tenant's Estoppel Certificate 34 47 EXHIBIT A Note: This is a schematic plan and is intended to show only the proposed layout of the Center.
The information contained in this Tenants Estoppel Certificate is true, correct and complete as of the date above written.
If Tenant does not execute, acknowledge, and deliver any of those documents within twenty (20) days after written demand, Landlord, its successors and assigns will be entitled to execute, acknowledge, and deliver those documents, including the Tenant's Estoppel Certificate, on behalf of Tenant as Tenant's attorney in-fact.