Definition of Technology License Agreements

Technology License Agreements means the K-Tech Technology License Agreement and the TRER Technology License Agreement, collectively.
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Examples of Technology License Agreements in a sentence

Subject to the rights of the applicable Licensee Consortium Member(s) set forth in this Section 5.7.2 and in any applicable Research Technology License Agreements and/or Product Technology License Agreements, the Institute shall be responsible for the filing and prosecution of patent applications, and the maintenance of patents that may issue therefrom, within the Program Patent Rights.
With the exception of the Technology License Agreements and the government entitlements referred to in Section 4.3(b) hereto, the Sellers have not permitted, or granted any right to, any person or entity to use the Technology or the Intellectual Property Rights relating to the Technology.
Ancillary Agreements shall mean the Assumption Agreement, the Bills of Sale, the Conveyancing Documents, the Technology License Agreements, the Transition Services Agreement, the Supply and Shared Facility Agreements, the Seller Participation Note and Agreement and the Foreign Transfer Agreements.
Seller shall have executed and delivered a Technology License Agreement, substantially in the form of Exhibit D1 hereto and a Technology License Back Agreement, substantially in the form of Exhibit D2 hereto (the Technology License Agreements).
Arrangements with IMAX Corporation The Technology License Agreements with IMAX Corporation provide us with the exclusive use and enjoyment of IMAX technology owned by IMAX Corporation in Greater China and the Trademark License Agreement provides us with the exclusive right to use licensed trademarks held by IMAX Corporation in Greater China.