Definition of Technical Records

Technical Records means the documents data and records relating to the Integrated Systems and all additions and revisions to them from time to time and all entries on any database relating to such Integrated Systems;

Examples of Technical Records in a sentence

Upon request by Omeros, Hospira shall make selected portions (including all portions relevant to the Processing of the Product) of its DMF and related reference applications, and all Technical Records available for inspection by authorized representatives of the FDA and other Regulatory Authorities.
In the absence of such instructions, Hospira shall notify Omeros in writing of its intent to dispose of the Technical Records and request Omeros instructions as to their disposal.
All Product Data, including, without limitation, all Batch Records and other Product-specific Technical Records generated or obtained by Hospira in connection with this Agreement, and all Specifications, including, without limitation, Master Batch Records generated or obtained by Hospira in connection with this Agreement, but excluding General SOPs, shall be the sole and exclusive property of Omeros and shall be deemed to be Omeros Confidential Information.
Hospira shall, at any time upon Omeros written request and at Omeros reasonable expense, return the Technical Records to Omeros or transfer the Technical Records to any third party designated by Omeros.
The Buyer shall pay all costs in respect of: (i) its inspection of the Aircraft and the Technical Records, (ii) any and all recording and filing fees associated with the Transaction Documentation, including, without limitation, the transfer of title to the Aircraft from the Seller to the Buyer and the novation of the Lease pursuant to the Novation Agreement, and (iii) the costs and expenses of any financier which may finance or re-finance the acquisition of the Aircraft by the Buyer.