Definition of Teaming Agreement

Teaming Agreement means the agreement, substantially in the form of Appendix D hereto, which provides, in part, a binding commitment between Buyer and Seller to either, exclusively or non-exclusively, pursue the capture of certain programs contemplated to be awarded by Buyers customers.
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Examples of Teaming Agreement in a sentence

This Agreement is intended to protect the Business Initiatives arising from the combined efforts of the Parties and proprietary or confidential information of this Teaming Agreement.
Respondents shall not enforce or attempt to enforce any proprietary rights in the electro- optical sensors developed by Grumman in connection with or by virtue of the Martin Marietta/Grumman Teaming Agreement in a manner that would inhibit Grumman from competing with Respondents for any part of any Space Based Early Warning System.
In an exclusive Teaming Agreement, Georgia Tech (usually including the Institute, GTRC, and GTARC) can only submit a proposal with the designated prime contractor in response to the solicitation.
The Teaming Agreement was drafted in accordance with the terms of the MOU and provides greater certainty as to each party's responsibilities and as to the process of entering into agreements with and providing services to customers.
Schedule 3.18(d) of the Disclosure Schedules separately lists and identifies each active Teaming Agreement as of the Effective Date to which either of the Companies is a party (true and complete copies of which, including all modifications and amendments thereto, have been provided to FAAC).